Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Twilight Saga Continues!!!

The new trailer for Eclipse has been released! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I will be first in line for this one too. I am so excited to be reuniting with my first vampire love (pushing Bella's whiny ass out of the way)! Oh, Edward, how I have missed you! XOXO!

I have read so books and fell in love with so many vamps, but no one can take his place. Even though he has remained PG (damn you Stephanie Meyers)for all of his 100 plus years, that has not stopped me from having R rated fantasies about him.

(Sigh) I remember staying up all night trying to get through the next chapter before I fell asleep. Good times, good times. I think I'll probably go back and read all four books before the movie comes out.

Anyhoo, the movie is supposed to be released June 30. So, if you haven't read the books, please do. These very books turned me on to paranormal romance books. That's so cheesy, right? TEAM EDWARD!! Sorry Jacob, you're fine, but you are just too young for me to be drooling over (I still do, but don't tell anybody!)

Check out the trailer HERE

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