Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review: Carnal In Cannes by Jianne Carlo

Series:  Mediterranean Mambo, Book #3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published:  September 2010

Publisher:  Loose Id

Format I Read:  Ebook

Pages: 314 (Nook pages)

How I Got It:  Reviewed for Black Raven Reviews

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Book Summary:
Money, power, and women all come easy to Harrison Indiana Ford. Yet he wants more — to ensure his daddy’s oil fortune goes to him — not Delora, the stepmother who seduced him as a teenager. If Harry doesn’t marry a virgin and produce an heir before he turns 32, Delora inherits it all. D-day and unpredictable circumstances force Harry to hire a matchmaker and marry a stranger.

Martine’s survived the streets of Haiti’s capital with her virginity intact, but she’s no innocent. Fleeing persecution, she stows away on a cargo ship, and enters France illegally. Desperate for the million Euro Harry offers for her virginity and their child so she can bring her ailing grandmother to France, she signs the pre-nuptial contract using forged documents.

Delora’s not about to let a billion dollars slip through her hands. There are too many ways to sabotage a relationship, prevent a pregnancy. And it’s so easy to foster suspicion and hatred where there’s no trust. What Delora doesn’t count on is the explosive sexual relationship that develops between Harry and Martine.

As lust morphs into caring, Delora’s detectives search for Martine’s hidden secrets. How did Martine get from Haiti to France?

My Thoughts
Usually when people marry for money or status, they always end up unhappily married or divorced. In Carnal In Cannes, Harrison and Martine find out that marrying for money has its advantages.

When Harrison makes the arrangement with Martine, neither has any idea that they will fall in love. Both agreed to the marriage with their own agendas and secrets in mind, but have a hard time dealing with this unexpected revelation. They have met before in a hot encounter, and while Harrison can’t get it out of his mind, Martine is praying that he doesn’t recognize her.

I liked Carnal in Cannes because I was intrigued by the plot and wanted to find out how the story would play out. The romance between Harrison and Martine was a surprise. At first, I figured that Harrison would be all business, but once he got a look at his new bride, his entire attitude changed.

It’s so funny how the quest for the love of a good woman can change a man’s whole mind set. Harrison was a total gentleman and made Martine’s happiness his top priority. The lengths he goes through to make sure that Martine remains his wife are what made me enjoy the Carnal in Cannes the most.

My  Rating
I give this book three and a half flowers of love.  If you love books that pair two unlikely people and come up with a HEA, you’ll want to put this book on your TBR.


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