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Review: Justice Rules by Thomas White

Series:  None

Genre:  Crime Drama, Mystery, Suspense

Release Date:  March 2010

Publisher: CreateSpace

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Format I Read:  Paperback

Pages:  298

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Book Blurb
FBI Special Agent Brian Wylie investigates the murder of an ex-con in Eastern Washington. This single murder leads to a vigilante coalition that wreaks its own brand of justice. Wylie's investigation unravels an intricate and complex plot that involves a victims help group, a best friend's treachery and his teenaged daughter's well-being. 

“You leave them out of this.  They had nothing to do with it,” she snapped.

Brian had hit a nerve.  “Care to tell me how you helped them?  If not, I can always run a little investigation into your dope group.  I’m sure that we’d find something worthwhile there.”

“You son of a bitch.  You stay away from these people.  They haven’t done anything; they just want to manage their pain.  You’re a damn fascist, that’s all you are.”

My Thoughts
An eye for an eye…
What would you do if a crime was committed against you or someone you loved and the justice you thought was deserved never came? 

Two words for this book:  Loved it!  I am a fan of mystery and suspense novels and Justice Rules does not disappoint.  Thomas White created characters and scenarios that had me totally engrossed in the story. 

The story is not about one particular person, but multiple people who have been raped, murdered, or kidnapped and even though their attackers were caught and tried, for some reason or mistake, they always got off with slaps on the wrists.  But as the victims or family members become feed up with the justice system, they start to dish out their own twisted brands of justice.

Brian Wylie is an FBI agent with issues of his own, that has been assigned to a gruesome murder case.  As he begins to investigate, he ties the murder to an old rape case and then to a unique, but suspicious victims support group.   From there, Brian begins to uncover similar cases proving that payback is a bitch you don’t want to mess with.

The plot of this book had so much action and drama that it could easily be an episode of CSI, Bones or Law and Order (which I absolutely love).  Thomas White did an excellent job of telling the victims stories of pain and humiliation and their need for closure.

Brian was a very likable character.  He was a pretty good agent and a devoted father.  At one point the dangers of his job bleeds into his personal life and he becomes one the victims in need of support.  How he chooses to handle his anger puts him in the same situation as the victims he currently investigates.

Although, I liked the book, there were a few things that I didn’t like.  I got the whole victims fighting back and being strong part, but how they found their closure was a little disturbing.   These parts were written so well that you could easily step into the characters shoes, but some parts got really brutal and graphic.  The persons inflicting the pain, in my book, are certified crazies and strait jacket worthy for being able to go through with such violent acts.

Overall the book is a very good read, which I decided very early.  The other thing I didn’t like was the back cover blurb.  Usually, I am swayed to pick a book because the blurb is juicy or interesting, but Justice Rules had no back cover blurb.  Instead it had praises of the book.  So if I were to have run across this book in the bookstore, I would never have bought it.  I also found quite a few other errors that a general proofing should have caught.  It was nothing major, just a few things that stuck out.
I give Justice Rules four and a half flowers of love.  Thomas White is an author to watch.  If you love crime drama or mystery and suspense books, this book is a must read.


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