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Book and Author Spotlight: Misconceptions by C. Hayes

Misconceptions by C. Hayes
Bran Nue Productions
Coming April 1, 2011

Gabrielle thought she found the perfect guy in Tre' Johnson. He was all she ever wanted in a man. He was handsome, romantic, and he swept her right off her feet.  Her dreams had finally come true.  Her fairy tale relationship/marriage was suddenly about to come to a devastating end. Gabrielle soon realizes that the man she married and who fathered her only son was suddenly becoming someone she didn’t know. The lies, cheating, sneaking around and his odd behavior was making her regret her not so perfect married life. Was Tre’ getting tired of the married life or was he just showing her the person he really was all along.  Gabrielle's discovery of the person she married was mindboggling.  She realized that from the beginning who she thought of Tre’ Johnson was only a Misconception.

This story shows just how easy one can get drawn to a person based on the representative they present in the beginning.  Sometimes we love so hard only to figure out who we love has a side to them we never knew.  Author C. Hayes shows how Gabrielle fell in love with her dream man, how through all the different women and deceit she found the strength and courage to leave, and how she let her heart love again.  It makes you really question if you ever really know a person. Misconceptions are real.

Meet Author C. Hayes

C. Hayes is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Counseling.  C. Hayes has always had a passion for helping others and being a part of her community.  She is a part of many local organizations where she continues to contribute to her city. This Author of ”Misconceptions" which is set to release April 2011 is also the founder and CEO of Bran Nue Productions. Bran Nue Productions consists of Hayes and her two sons (10) and (6). It serves as the mother company of Skayte by Kyler D. which is a t-shirt line that was created by Hayes' oldest son Kyler Doutrive.   Her company also has many other upcoming projects, which includes a reality series that showcases women entrepreneurs in her hometown, assisting her boys with publishing a children’s comic book and growing her collection of novels.  She also has a goal to create a short film from her first novel.  C. Hayes is a woman you definitely want to watch.  Her willingness to help others and reach her goals is extreme.

"My focus now are my children, building something for them and with them is the best feeling in the world"

A Few Words From Ms. Hayes 
I remember being a young girl wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I think I must have gone through many things before settling on being in the criminal justice system.  Its funny how you just don’t know what you will end up doing, what you be a part of, how many lives you may touch and how you as a person will end up. Well I managed to stick with my passion of helping others and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and am now pursuing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

But at thirty two years of age I never thought that I would become an author.  Goes to show how when God has a plan no one can intervene.  I was inspired to write my first novel just last year when a friend of mine bought me a mother’s day gift that changed my life.  A journal.  I sat and thought about things that people go through every day and something women and men can relate to.  In conclusion I have my book entitled Misconceptions.

I am thankful that I have reached this milestone in my life and rather my book inspires or helps someone I am satisfied with my progress.

My goal is to motivate and uplift others.  I want to be an example that goals can be reached.  Writing has now become my therapy, there are stories to be told and as a new author I intend to do just that. Tell stories.

For more information about C. Hayes, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter at

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