Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Genre:   Paranormal
Release Date:  May 2011
Series:  Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire, Book #11
Publisher:  Ace Books/Penguin Group
Author Website:  Charlaine Harris
Format Read:  Ebook
Pages:  336
Source:  Borrowed
Rating:  Three Flowers Of Love

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Back Cover Blurb
There are some problems Sookie Stackhouse can't ignore; for example, the firebombing that she witnessed at Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Of course, true to form, our favorite telepath also has other dangerous things on her mind; for example, her Significant Other Eric Northman and his "child" Pam seem intent on killing their vampire master. As usual, things quickly become absorbingly complicated. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to have special gifts.

My Thoughts
Is it just me or does anyone else share the feeling that the Sookie novels have long lost their spark or flair to truly entertain.  I know that the series only has about a few books left, but dang, can’t I get some of that ole kick ass action?  Please?

Not to say that the book was straight up bad, because it wasn’t.  I’ll always find the time to read the latest because there is always something crazy going on in Bon Temps but it’s just not as lively as it use to be.  I was just not wowed by the latest developments especially the attitudes of my favorite characters-Eric and Pam.  I really miss the comic relief that these two always bring.  In this book they are both sad because they are about to lose the love of their lives and there’s nothing either can do to prevent it. To me, they are the reason that I keep reading the series so hopefully the next book will have them back to their old tricks.

I enjoyed catching up with the other main characters.  Sam’s still…well Sam.  I’ve never really noticed if Sam was there or not.  He just didn’t appeal to me, but I’m glad that Sookie has at least one true friend that she can count on.  And speaking of friends, I was glad to see Amelia and Bob if only for a short time.  Loved the way Sookie ripped her a new one for messing with her love life. 

Alcide is always a welcomed familiar, just hate that he wasn’t around but for a few minutes.  Would love to see him get together with Sookie.  Sorry, Eric, but I’ve said this before.  You guys sizzled with the sexual tension, but once you got together, you guys bore me! Give Alcide a chance, minus the Pack crap.

Dermot and Claude are growing on me.  How nice for Sookie to have some family living with her to help around the house, and keep her protected at the same time. But the sleeping in the same bed deal like a big ole slumber party (so called fairy nearness thing) was just plain creepy. Hot or not, they are relatives and that was not an image I wanted to fixate on while I read the story. 

Now for the biggest waste of pages.  I really wish that someone would just stake Bill and end his boring existence.  He actually has no place (in my opinion) in the books anymore since he’s lost Sookie’s love, his bitch of a maker Lorena is dead, and there’s no more hidden drama with Sophia Anne because she’s dead too.  So why I ask is Bill still getting page time?  And why is he still pining for Sookie believing that he really still has a chance with her.  Sorry, but after Eric, who would want to go back to that?  He really has no purpose outside of being a neighbor willing to kill for her and a place to hide when she’s running for her life.    

Overall, I did like the book and it’s a must read for Sookie fans.  I just hope that the next book will be jam packed with the action that I so desperately want.  Until then I’ll just have to get my fix when the fourth season of True Blood premieres on June 26th.  I can’t wait!  And there's a sneak peak of the new season below!

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Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I have yet to read this one but I've been feeling like Sookie has been losing her charm. I can't pinpoint one reason why but it has slowly started.

Jade said...

I just started this series in books a couple weeks ago, but I've been watching True Blood and can't wait for the next season. But your review makes me really curious to know what happens in the books.

Yvonne said...

IKR! I liked her better when she was just a dingy waitress exploring the goings on in vampire and were culture. Those were the fun days, now it's just ho hum reading

Love me some True Blood too! I found the show before the books. After season one ended(which was the worst ever!), I went out and got all the books and read them back to back.
Some parts of the books are better than the show, but some parts of the show are better than the books so you must read them! said...

I haven't read it yet, because all the reviews have been on the fence about it. I love True Blood but I hate to read the book to a show that I love, it takes some of the excitement away for me. But most of the people that have reviewed this book say the same thing you have, it lacks spark and action. Well, I'm still on the fence now. Haha. But that's ok, maybe I'll get it at a bargain when I'm ready to read it.

Thanks for sharing.