Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello...are ya'll still here?

(Hiding my face) Just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello to my readers that are still here.  I know I've been seriously MIA and haven't given you anything to read but thanks for sticking around. Luv ya'll bunches!

Confession time.  Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am a habitual laptop abuser, so mine has gone through a serious of ...oh let's just call them "accidents".  I've been without it for a few months and I hate using my son's desktop so I just had to wait until I got mine fixed.  Now that I've got it, I'm happy and ready to do some writing...I hope....

I have been reading a little, as my job and son's extracurricular activities permit me to, but I haven't been in the mood to write any reviews.  Lazy or writer's block, I just can't decide which.   Half the time I just can't make my words flow and the review seems forced so I just don't write. Another thing I came to realize was that instead of me reading for my own enjoyment, I was reading more to keep up with all the other bloggers than for my own enjoyment.  With things like reading challenges and bloggy memes, personally I had created a To Be Read Pile that was overwhelming which turned out to be no fun at all.  So I'm promising myself that I will just chill and read at my leisure and not try to do everything that everybody else is doing.

On top of that, I have recently accepted the fact that I am preggers.  Yes, I've been in serious denial and I'm almost 5 months!  I have been seeing my doctor regularly, eating right, and doing all good things for baby, but it was just so totally unexpected.  I've been freaking out because my son is almost eleven and the thought of starting over with expensive daycare,  mountains of stinky diapers, and no real sleep for years to come hurt my feelings big time.  But, I've put on my maternity panties and I'm dealing so watch me work...(chanting to myself, "I will stop being an angry pregnant  bitch now")

(Snicker) I even had the nerve to think I'd start a pregnancy blog, but who am I kidding I can barely keep up with this one!  It's a cute thought, though and I would like to make it happen but I think I'll let that thought marinate a little bit more before actually trying to do it.

Anyhoo, I am so behind on all the good books that have come out so guys clue me in on what I need to be picking up.  Of course I'm looking forward to Lover Reborn because I'm such a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan that it's not even funny.  Still waiting on this Qhuay thing to jump off (Damn U, J R for making us wait-and it better be good!).  Since The Hunger Games movie is on the way and looking quite good, I had to start reading it just to see what all the hype is about.

Now enough of my rambling, suggest some good reads to me.  I'm open to any genre except super sappy romance and erotic reads.  I've read enough of those two to last a lifetime...