Monday, January 21, 2013

MIA Update

Just a quick note to say hi to my readers.  Unfortunately, if it's not one thing it's another.  My baby is getting over this new strain of the flu.  It has hit pretty hard in the Memphis, TN area.  And it's been mostly small children. 

He's so young that it's not a whole lot of medication that he can take so he's just been soldiering through.  I've rubbed him down and slathering him up with whatever I could but he's been sick since the first part of the month.  Although he hasn't had any fever lately and he has been oked to go back to daycare, he is still congested and coughing, and not 100%. 

And in the mist of already feeling horrible, he just cut his first tooth!  WTF you said!?  Same thing I said when the dr told me what was going on.  He is not even five months old yet and his tooth has broken through the gum.  Slobbing, gnawing, pooping,  and crying galore.

So yeah, it's been chaos around my house and not a lot of time for reading.  And since he has been using me for his snot rag, I've caught the end of his sickness.  I took my flu shot  back in October so I didn't get the flu, but I still got sick.  As close as I was to all  the coughing and sneezing and in my face, I knew I was bound to come down with something.  I'm  a little better, probably at 70% but I'm bouncing back. 

My oldest son also took the flu shot and he's been a snot rag too but he has not come down with anything yet.  Hopefully it will miss him and we will feel better soon.  Until then, happy reading!

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