Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Could Really Play a Brother?

Okay, everybody knows that I love J R Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood novels. Anything Brother related, I'm on it. So naturally, I joined her Yahoo group. The group is the greatest.
A while back, we had a discussion going about who would play the Brothers if it were made into a movie. JRB has stated that she has not be approached about it but it was still fun to speculate who everyone thought would bring the characters to life. Personally, I don't think they could ever find guys hot enough or built enough to pull it off. But, if they did, here's who I think would be perfect for my favorite characters.

Wrath- Hugh Jackman-okay, I know Wrath is suppose to be knocking on 7 feet tall and HJ is a mere 6'2" (damn I thought he was so much shorter) but he plays Wolverine so well. I think he can pull it off.

Rhage- Jensen Eckles (Dean of Supernatural) Of course he's not as "decorative" as Rhage but his personality screams Rhage. I can totally see him kicking Lesser ass, sucking on Tootsie Roll pops, and cracking jokes a mile a minute.

Vishious- Johnny Depp is the only person I see crazy enough to pull off V. He does crazysexycool very well.

Butch- David Boreanaz (of Bones)would be the perfect wise cracking ex cop. And how could anyone forget him as Angel, the vampire with a soul? I can totally see him and V (Johnny Depp) being BFFs but not sure if I can see their other closeness.

Phury- Jason Lewis (Smith, Samantha's boy toy from Sex In The City) simply because he oozes sex appeal. He is the only person I see that could do Phury justice. I was kinda conflicted on him because I also see him as Rhage.

Zsadist-Vin Diesel. I'm not sure why but maybe it's all in the voice and his menacing attitude. I can just see him towering over Bella and talking to her with that sexy voice of his. The black eyes would go with him perfectly. And I know that Phury and Z are suppose to be twins, but since Z's face is scared, it really wouldn't matter if they looked totally alike.

John Matthew- Jared Padalecki (Sam of Supernatural) or Tom Wellington (Clarke of Samllville). I am so torn on these because I think both would be great as JM. They both are fine as hell and have that quiet and innocent look. Both can lay the smack down while keeping their inner demons in check.

Quinn-Jensen Eckles can also fit this part. To me Quinn is like a young Rhage minus the dragon. But to be fair, I can really see Chris Evans (Johnny Storm of The Fantastic Four) as Quinn. He plays a sex god very well.

Blay-Jake Gyllenhaal His eyes just make him quiet and vulnerable and he did do Brokeback Mountain. The perfect BFF with benefits.

Tohrment-Gerard Butler (of Law Abiding Citizen). Loved him in 300 and I can really see him in that scene where he finds out about Wellsie's death and flips out causing that black hole.

Rhevenge- Two words and I promise you'll want this too: David Beckham. Mr. GQ himself could totally wear Rehv's mohawk and look oh so sexy in his suits. Give him an amethyst stare and a cane and watch the screen sizzle.

Trez-Tyrese (of Transformers)I chose him simply because he is chocolate and sexy-the perfect Moor.

iAm-Michael Jai (best known as Spawn, and Marcus in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married) He definately has a don't fuck with me attitude and he's a martial arts master.

Lash- Ian Somerhalder (Damon of The Vampire Diaries) is my new fav villian. You love him, you hate, but you can't get enough of him.

Xhex-Jessica Biel Simply because she's a bad ass chick. And guys think she has the hottest body. I'm personally not a fan but since she's not with Justin Timberlake anymore, I'll try to stop hatin' on her.

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