Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Movie

I went to see the movie yesterday and was like WOW! It was 100% better than Twilight. Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg, the director and writer, did a wonderful job with this movie. The CGI was off the chain. The acting was so much better and it didn't hurt to have more well known and experienced actors either.

The movie did skip a lot and cut a few scenes short but that's okay. The main thing is that they skipped over boring parts in the beginning with Jacob and Bella getting to know each other that I actually skipped over in the book. They found the best parts and made them work out the story. The only parts I hated were the romantic scenes between Bella/Edward or Bella/Jacob. In the book, you could feel the tension between the two couples but Kristen Stewart could not bring it to the scenes. To me, all the scenes that mattered where she is suppose to look dreamily into their eyes, there was no chemistry. She barely made eye contact. The scenes just fell flat. Her kisses with Edward were a disaster. This is another reason, I think the rumors of them dating are false. If they were dating, they wouldn't be afraid to kiss or look into each other's eyes. There would definitely be chemistry and some real kissing going on (probably some tongue too). Sorry, TMI. The only thing I can say is that KS can do a good depressing scene. She can do any wounded character very well but other than that, she was very annoying.

Robert Pattinson was excellent as Edward. He was less awkward and even though he didn't have a lot of screen time, he nailed it. He does a good job at being a tortured soul. He could have spent a little more time in the gym with Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner was like POW. Shirtless, my god he was HOT. As soon as he lost all that retarded hair, he was perfect. I still feel like a perv because TL is only 17, but DAMN. I enjoyed the scenes with him and the wolf pack. The actors were great and brought a little comedy to the movie. Can't wait until they get more screen time in the next movies. The scene were Bella slapped Paul was priceless. There were a lot of guys at the movie theater and when the scene came up, they kept chanting "throw that bitch to the wolves". LMAO!

Another priceless scene was the fight between Edward and Felix. Felix puts the smack down on Edward's candy ass. I was so disappointed that the Voulturi visit was so short. They looked scary and evil as hell but for some reason, I found them comical. Their casting was excellent because they looked every bit the part. I look forward to them in the next movies also.

More priceless moments to look out for...
The Cullens restraining Jasper at Bella party
Bella being "so mouth watering" to Laurent
Jacob almost kicking Mike's ass after going to the movies with Bella
Alice telling Bella she'll be back after Bella puts the "dog" out
Embry and Quil meeting Bella for the first time
Jasper telling Bella it would be nice not to always wanting to kill her
Suicidal Edward when he thinks Bella is dead

I could go on and on, but those are some of my favorite moments. I suggest you make time to go see this movie because it is so good. So good, I'll probably see it again and buy the DVD. Summit hit a home run with this because it will be a box office smash. It'll probably make two to three times what Twilight made. I give it five stars.

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silverhartgirl said...

I agree. New Moon was so much better than the twilight movie. The all the vampires eyes were prefect, the skin paler,and sparked just right. I ant believe Taylor is only 17. I love your review of this movie prefect.