Friday, December 11, 2009

Reading Meltdown

I have been MIA for awhile because I am having a book meltdown. I have been trying to get to my TBR (To Be Read) pile, but I keep picking up older books so that I can catch up with the new books in the series. I feel lost because I don't know who all the characters are or who's doin' who.

I've had Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl on my BIM (Books I'm Reading) shelf for way to long but since it's a first in the series, I won't have to back track when I finally get back to it. I started it, then another book, and another book, and another book, and another caught my eye so I didn't get a chance to finish. I think I'm going to have to start over because it's been so long and I've read so many other books that I can't recall what I've already read.

Right now, I'm trying to track down all the Carpathian Dark Novels by Christine Feehan. I started reading the latest Dark Slayer, but they kept mentioning this person and that person and I was like "Who in the world is this?", so I stopped and started with the first book, Dark Prince. I love the books but there are so many of them. So far their are 20 books in the series. If you've got to wait a few months to get your hands on a long awaited book by your fav author (not to name names but-J R Ward, Kresley Cole, Shelly Laurenston and Charlaine Harris), these books can keep you occupied. She also has three other series that are on my TBR list.

Each Carpathian Dark book is worth a read but her editor (or lack of) sucks. Her first books are good reads but full of repetition. She does a good job describing her alphas (hot, sexy, and dominating), but she does it over and over. I just wanted her to get on with the story.

I have also created a BTG (Books To Get) list and it gets longer everyday. I'll probably end up in Reading Rehab. I'm so addicted. I just can't pass up a book. I've got tons of books that I've bought and have been on the shelf for months because I can't get to them. I will definitely have to get one of those electronic readers (Nook or Kindle) because I don't think a book shelf could hold all the books that I'd like to have. I haven't decided which one I'll get but I like to look at things and try them out in the store before I spend so it probably won't be a Kindle.

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