Friday, December 25, 2009

Tempt Me With Darkness by Shayla Black

Five Stars

I am loving me some Shayla Black.This is book one in her Doomsday Brethren series. I recently read book three, Possess Me At Midnight, and needed to get the first two books. I bought this one as an e book from Barnes and Nobles because I couldn't find it in my regular book spots and didn't want the hassle of trying to hunt it down. It was quick and easy and cost less than if I had bought it in paperback.

Marrok of Cadbury is an immortal who has lived fifteen miserable centuries. He was cursed by a powerful and vengeful witch named Morganna le fay for being the ultimate playboy. Because he refused to love her, Morganna cursed him with immortality without love or the ability to enjoy pleasure with another woman. He can have as much sex as he wants, but he never orgasms. Geez, some of us have been faking it for years, but I beat it's a bitch for a guy that can't get off! Talk about a major case of blue balls-no, a never ending case of blue balls!

Anyway, Morganna cursed him by using the Doomsday Diary, a mythical book that is suppose to grant any wish written on it's pages. It is also said that in the wrong hands,the book's powerful magic could lead to Doomsday. Thing about the book is that it was created to give only females ultimate power so it can never be used by a male. They may possess it, but can never harness it's power.

Marrok succeed in stealing the book centuries ago but has never discovered how to use the book to end his curse. Centuries of life has taken it's toll on Marrok so he lives alone, carving beautiful works of art and awaiting the day that he can finally die in peace.

Olivia Gray is a gallery owner looking for a great artist to keep her business afloat. She could also use the extra cash so she can continue her search for a father she has never met.

Olivia has always been different but until she meets Marrok, she has no idea what deadly skeletons are in her family's closet. She goes from being a simple unloved American girl to a witch from the powerful bloodline that cursed Marrok. On top of that, she has a striking resemblance to her ancestor Morganna. She has no idea that opening up this can of worms could cost her her life and the lives of anyone around her.

Marrok and Olivia are thrown together by Bram Rion, a powerful wizard who has a hidden agenda for pairing the two up. Marrok is furious that he has to endure Olivia because he believes that she is Morganna and still trying to make him suffer for not returning her love. He has no idea what "Morganna" has in store for him, but does not want to play her games anymore. She will release him from his curse-willingly or forcefully.

Olivia is confused because she doesn't know her father or his family and is clueless about her magical abilities. She is fearful of Marrok and doesn't understand why he keeps calling her the wrong name. If he wasn't so damn gorgeous and talented, she probably wouldn't waste her time with him. Despite their obvious distrust of each other, they find themselves mysteriously drawn to each other.

I loved this book. Marrok and Olivia's story was so sweet. SB is a great story teller and all of her books have drawn me in. Her heroes are cave men and irritating as hell. Sometimes they are so clueless about relationships that you just want to kick them in their balls and enjoy their pain. They could use a lot of instructions on how to court their females, but that's have the fun. Once they find their mates and speak the binding words (much like wedding vows), they become the most lovable males you'd ever see and learn very quickly how to please their women. They also become possessive as hell, but who wouldn't want to be possessed by these fearless warriors?

I loved all the characters. SB creates a modern world with a touch of old world mythical magic. I've never really been into wizards and witches or anything magical, but this series has changed my mind. I've read a couple of books with fairies, but that's about it. I'll take a break from my vampires, werewolves, and shape shifters to check out other books involving magical beings. These books have proven to be just as entertaining..

I'm on to book number two, Seduce Me In Shadow, and hope it will be as good as book one and three.

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