Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sexy Saturday

Here is another piece of hotness for Sexy Saturday.  It's Usher, baby.  Mr. Usher Raymond is a super hot and super sexy singer. Check out his new album Raymond vs Raymond .

So glad he's getting a divorce!  Sorry wifey, but I've been a fan of Usher for years and as soon as he got married, he fell of his A game.  The relationship didn't look believable anyway because he never looked really  happy.  Another confirmation that babies don't make relationship.

The couple spent so much time trying to convince his fans that the marriage was real that the relationship fell apart rather quickly-but we're not complaining.  I hate to see families break up, but I have always thought that he should have stayed with Chili from TLC.  Just my personal thoughts, but I thought they made a cute couple.  With Tameka, his ex, the whole pix just looked wrong.  I get that he prefers older women (call me!) but, she just didn't look like his type at all.

Anyhoo, his last album was tired, but now that he's single again, his music is better. Single men are so much hotter than married men.  Sorry to say it, but marriage is just not a good look on certain men,  It makes them look all tied down and stuff.

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