Thursday, May 13, 2010

Accessories For My Nookie

Yes, I call my Nook Nookie.

I have had it for over a week now and have been looking for a case to keep it all in one piece and scratch free.  Well, when I purchased it, the only thing that the BookStar had was the Rear Cover in that god awful grass color.  Not having that.

So, I figured that if I go to Barnes and Nobles, they were sure to have whatever I needed.  I went to about three different BNN and none of them had any of the backs, covers, or whatnot.  Nada.

Well, the last BNN that I went to told me that they didn't know why they haven't gotten any and they have been on back order since forever.  So, I tell them how many I've been to and one of the sales clerk told me that she could tell me where to get one.  Well the other sales clerk was like, "No, she can just wait until we get them in stock or she can just go online and get one."   Bitch!!!!

Anyhoo, the first sales lady tells me that Best Buy has some covers that fit the Kindle, Sony E reader, and the Nook.  And why is it that when I go to Best Buy, they are selling Nooks too!  Same price, no difference.  Hell, I didn't even have to buy it from BNN after all.

I ended up buying the M-Edge Latitude Jacket For Nook for $34.99, which is the same price I would have paid for whatever I bought on BNN website and probably more.

The jacket comes in a variety of colors but the sole one that Best Buy had was red so I snatched it up.  My Nookie fits in it perfectly.  It zips up so there is no accidental slide outs.  It has kinda like a fleece lining that cushions it so if you drop it, it won't hurt it.  But you do know that dropping it just to test it is not recommended.  It also has a zip pocket in front so that you can store your charger.  There is also room to put the light if you have one.  It also has pocket in back in case you want to slip a gift card or something in it.

Below are the pix that I took.  I think I got a good deal.  Please comment and let me know what you think.  Remember, it's not just for the Nook, it does hold the Kindle comfortably.

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Lynette said...

Pretty. Your making me want to get a new cover for ShaNayNay. I just have a cheap one right now!

Yvonne said...

I tried to find a cheap one, but no luck. I had to find something quick. I've been throwing it in my purse and book bag unprotected, so something bad was bound to happen.