Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Shit, Am I Still Interested?

Okay, I was trying to tweet this, but I got a little long winded so I figured that I'd just post it here.

I just finished Lover Mine and I feel so...nothing. The mystery of John Matthew and his obsession with Xhex is what really drew me to this series.  But now that he has his HEA and seems like everything has come full circle and gotten wrapped up all nice and neat for him, my attraction to this series may have been satisfied.

I'm not going to write the review just yet, because I'm dosing at my laptop as I type, but I just wanted to get these thoughts out.

You know what, on second thought, I forgot about the "do I love him enough to come out of the closet" train wreck that is Qhuinn that I must see to the end.  I guess that answers my Q about if I'd really be interested in another book.  Damn, Warden, you know how to keep us coming back with your readable crack.

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Lover Of Romance said...

Looking forward to your review of Lover Mine! I have only read a couple in the series, and I like it so far, but haven't read Lover Mine yet! I also like to read all the books in a series I start, so definitely anxious to see what you thought of it!

Lynette said...

Ha, ha, ha. For once not a gushing review. As someone who's been lukewarm to the series for awhile. I appreciate it. I'm still awaiting my copy from the library!