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All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Day Five of Eight Days of Love At Stake

Title:  All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire 
Author:  Kerrelyn Sparks
Released:  October 2008
Series:  Love At Stake, Book 5
How I Got It:  Purchased ebook for NOOK
Lend Me Feature:  NO 

Book Summary
Toni Davis’s Christmas Wish List
  1. Springing my best friend from the psych ward.
  2. Living somewhere that doesn’t have coffins in the basement. Occupied coffins.
  3. Finding Mr. Right. Please make him tall, dark, handsome, and ALIVE.
This Christmas isn’t so merry for Toni. Her best friend’s been locked up in a mental hospital ever since she told the police she was attacked by vampires, and the only way for Toni to get her out is to prove that bloodsuckers really do exist. So she’s taken a job as a bodyguard for the Undead, but she gets more than she's bargained for, especially when she meets Ian MacPhie, a Scottish rascal looking for Ms. Right.
Although Ian’s nearly five centuries old, he looks and acts like a twenty-seven-year-old hunk. How can a dead man be so damn sexy?  Could Mr. Wrong be Mr. Right?  One forbidden kiss could lead to an eternity of passion—and all it takes is one moment under the mistletoe . . .

My Thoughts
Okay, this book was good and disturbing in so many ways.  First let me explain the hot mess that is Ian's life, and then I'll get to Toni's.
 Ian is the too cute, century old vamp that's stuck in a fifteen year old body.  Sure he's deadly, but all the ladies think he's a little too young below the belly button to get freaky with him.  It's a hard knock life for a vamp trying to get laid.
So, when Ian has the opportunity of the lifetime, thanks to  Roman Draganesti, he goes for it.  The secret and still experimental stay away drug is just what Ian needs.  Although the drug is painful to use, with each use it ages a vamp a year.  And right now, years are exactly what Ian wants.
 He's gotten to the point in his life where he just wants to settle down and have his own Ms. Right.  All the other vamps around him are in love and he just wants the chance to have someone love him.  
So, his friend Vanda, one of Roman's ex harem girl agrees to help him out.  Anyone who knows Vanda, knows that her help is not always the help one needs. 
Instead of fixing him up on a date or two, she creates Ian an online persona on a local dating site that has human and vamp women stalking him and demanding a chance to be his one true love.
For awhile, Ian enjoys the attention, but when his attention focuses on Toni, a female co worker that won't give him the time of day, all sorts of fun begins.
Toni's attracted to Ian, but...he's a vampire.  She only agreed to guard them so she could prove that her friend is not crazy, but Ian is totally hot...and arrogant.  And what's with him and the fan club? 
My Rating 
I give this book four stars because it was a great read.  Toni and Ian were so cute together.  It was about time for Ian to have a happy ending.
I was also glad to finally see the vamp war amped up.  I love the way Kerrelyn Sparks tells her stories.  A little bit of love, some crazy friends, and a whole lotta disasters.

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