Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eve Of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez

Title:  Eve of Samhain
Author:  Lisa Sanchez
Series:  No
How I Got It:  Received ebook from publisher to review

Book Summary:
As a college senior and server at Hanaford Park's hottest nightclub, twenty-one year old Ryann Pierce's plan was simple: work hard, make lots of money, and avoid the ass-grabbers at all costs. What she never planned for was Quinn Donegan—the living, breathing advertisement for sinful behavior that waltzed into her life.
With an angelic face, a hard body and a butt-load of charm, Quinn had a way with the ladies—a lot of ladies. Cursed with a deadly, addictive touch, his trail of indiscretion blazed across five hundred years. Tired and jaded, Ryann is a shocking revelation Quinn didn't see coming.

Filled with desire, yet unable to touch one another, Ryann and Quinn embark on a daunting journey, battling frustrating physical limitations while exploring their new love. In a race against the clock, Ryann learns she must plead for Quinn's life before…the Eve of Samhain. Determined to end her lover's suffering, not even the danger dogging her every move can keep her from her mission.

My Thoughts
When I started reading Eve Of Samhain, my first thought was that it reminded me of Twilight.  Here we have a pretty young girl that catches the eye of a tortured mystical soul.  A forbidden love begins, but unlike Twilight, there are no shiny vampires and no muted language (always love that part).  No critical scenes left to the imagination, and certainly no whiny heroine that doesn't fight back.

I found myself loving Ryann.  She was a typical girl with everyday problems.  She was a  very strong character that wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. I admired that she had goals in her life and stuck with them. She also had one hell of a sense of humor and I  got a kick out of her not being able to stop using colorful names for her vajayjay.

Quinn was a bit off the charts for me.  While it was clear that he had a dominating personality, it was fun to see him portray the womanizing cad.   With a face and body like his and centuries of women falling all over him, how could he not?  His body oozed sex, but his mouth  made you wanna punch his lights out.  But as the story progressed, how could you not love him?  He became perfect boyfriend material and turned out to be a decent guy.

I loved the friendship and romance that Ryann and Quinn had.  I did have a boo hoo moment in the end because Lisa Sanchez created such a beautiful romance with these two.  I just can't resist a good HEA (happily ever after) and this book gave me exactly that!

My Rating
I give Eve Of Samhain 4.5 stars because the book was an all out good read. It was full of humor and certainly did not lack in the action department.  I finished this book in one sitting.  Yes, no breaks because I actually couldn't tear myself away from it.

I just wish the book was a bit longer and more detailed. I found myself wanting to know the story behind the evil and why Ryann was it's target.  I just know that there's an underlying story or novella lurking in that brain of yours, Ms Sanchez.  Out with it, please!  Don't leave me hanging!

And oh yeah, the Ripple comment-LOL! Funny stuff!

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Patricia's Particularity said...

This looks really interesting, and modern too. Ryann seems like a well developed character. Can't wait for it to come out.