Monday, June 21, 2010

You Suck Monday

It's Monday again.  Time to tell em.  Today is the day to tell anyone that made you mad how much they suck!

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Yvonne said...

Comcast and Blogger-YOU SUCK!
For Comcast to be the best high speed internet on my block, it sure as hell didn't feel that way yesterday. It seemed like I had freakin' dial up! And what is customer service's fav line, "there's currently an outage in your area that we are currently working on". Yeah, right.

Blogger, what is the deal with my follow button? It magically appears and then doesn't. What gives?

Stop the madness!

Dren said...

GE Repair Service - YOU SUCK!! My freezer goes on the fritz and your "so called" repairman arrives and "fixes it" following day -- freezer still won't freeze. You had to send someone else out today to fix the job you couldn't fix 3 days ago... you sooooo super suck!