Monday, July 19, 2010

Author Spotlight: Guest Post with Cynthia Roberts

Today, I welcome  Cynthia Roberts, author of Wind Warrior.  She stopped by to tell us about her journey to becoming a published author.

 A Long Road Traveled

You could certainly say I know what it is like to be kicked in the pants time and again as my road to getting published was a very long and arduous journey.  It took a while to get over all the humps life kept throwing at me before I could focus and transform those experiences into the kind of passion and raw emotion I wanted my readers to feel through my writing.
I knew faith was in knowing one of two things could happen.  I could either let the fear consume and disable me, or take a leap of faith and just keep pushing forward in spite of it all.  And, I pushed hard, letting it fuel a life long passion to write and conceptualize my first historical romance entitled “Wind Warrior,” which is book one in five of my Iroquois Series.
On June 15th, I celebrated its nationwide release and I hope to catapult romance readers into a story of longing, of a wanton need to survive all odds, and a love so strong it conquers human evil while painting an insightful and intriguing portrait of Native Indian life in eastern New York during the 1800s.
I have been an avid romance reader since my children were little and loved escaping into a world of fiction once the house was quiet and I found time for myself, which wasn’t often.  When my marriage abruptly ended ten years ago, none of us saw it coming and it ran over us like an 18 wheeler … fast and hard.  That was the beginning of my decade of upheaval from three layoffs, a mild stroke, a relationship turned abusive, financial ruin and foreclosure this past year.
My therapy became writing.  The first novel I ever read was from Cassie Edwards Savage Series.  I was hooked.  I always had a love for anything Native Indian and my grandfather was half Ute.  When I started Wind Warrior, I wanted it to be from a tribe indigenous to my area and set my sights on a series representative of the five tribes that originally made up the Iroquois League here in New York:  Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga & Mohawk.
There is no stopping me now.  Book 2 Captive Heart is complete and Captive Warrior Book 3 is well on its way … just like me journeying a road to a much better tomorrow. 
Wind Warrior available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders ISBN# 978-1-61663-162-8

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Unknown said...

Great post! yeah I can totally seem writing as therapy, the little I have let myself write, it totally feels like it...


Yvonne said...

I've started writing a bit too but my ideas seemed to scatter and turn into several different stories.