Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Love Remains by Kaye Dacus

Title:  Love Remains
Author:  Kaye Dacus
Series:  The Matchmakers, Book #1
Published:  August 1, 2010
Genre:  Romance
How I Got It:  ARC ebook from Net Galley

Book Summary
Nashville native Bobby Patterson has just returned home after many years away to take a position with the Tennessee Criminal Investigations Unit. His new job: lead a task force investigating potential real estate fraud connected with the Middle Tennessee Historic Preservation Commission.   
Zarah Mitchell, who’s worked at the Commission for more than a decade, is about to face a piece of history that could ruin the life she’s built in Nashville: Bobby Patterson—her first love and the reason her father kicked her out fourteen years ago. 
When Bobby realizes Zarah is part of his investigation, he is tempted to use his grandmother’s not-so-subtle setups as a way to learn if Zarah is involved in the fraud. Zarah, at her grandmother’s suggestion, tries to put the pain from the past aside to see if any love remains between her and Bobby. But when she learns he’s been investigating her, will she be be able to forgive him a second time?

My Thoughts
After reading the book summary, I had high hopes for this book.  How cute would it be for a couple of southern grannies sitting around drinking tea and plotting up ways to marry off their single grandchildren?  Crazy, right?  I still thought it would be a different twist to my regular romance reads.

Love Remains is the first book in The Matchmakers series and the first book that I've read by Kaye Dacus.  I tried to get into it, but it did not hold my attention well.  Sure there were parts that I enjoyed, but I found myself skipping ahead a few pages just to get to the good parts.

I did like Zarah and Bobby.  I thought they made a great couple and loved that they were getting a second chance at a HEA.  Their romance was sweet but it was drawn out a little bit too much for me.  

My Rating
I give this book two flowers of love.  This is a library read for me.  Like I said, this was the first book that I have read by this author, but it certainly won't be my last.  I guess maybe I was looking for more crazy granny shenanigans. That probably would have made the book a little better.  

I do see potential in this series.  I'm still interested to see  how the other grannies will pull off their matchmaking so I will be picking up book two, which will come out in May 2011.