Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Cria by Suzanne Rock

Title:  Cria
Author:  Suzanne Rock
Series:  None
Released:  May 2010
Genre:  Paranormal, Erotic Romance
How I Got It:  Ebook from Dark Diva Reviews 
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Book Summary
Deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, an ancient breeding race begins…
Ever since she was jilted by her lover, Aleta had been subjected to humiliation by her Jaguarundi tribe. Not anymore. She is determined to emerge from her final Cria unmated, and finally be free of tribal traditions and her overbearing father. Aleta has plans -- bigger plans than her father’s desire to see her marked by some oafish warrior in an outdated breeding competition. After the Cria she’ll move to the city and start fresh, leaving her clan -- and her broken heart -- behind.
Unfortunately, the past is unwilling to let her go.
Forced to abandon Aleta when he went into exile, Luiz knows that this Cria will be his last chance to reclaim what is rightfully his. When a surprise encounter doesn’t go exactly as planned, he realizes it will take more than a little seduction for Aleta to forgive the sins of the past. The race is on, and the battle of wills has begun. Everyone knows that in the Cria anything can happen, and with the stakes this high, all bets are off.
My Thoughts
Suzanne Rock is one author that does a great job of steaming up pages without a forced feeling. Cria is my second novella that I have read by this author and at this point, I love everything that I have read.  The only complaint that I have is that the story was too short!  I would love to sink my claws into one of her full length reads and fan myself as her characters take their time getting to know one another. 
While Cria was a quick read, it did not disappoint me in any way.   Cria’s plot was well written and the story was easy to follow.  The writing was so vivid that you could not help but get wrapped up in the main character’s emotions. The chemistry between Aleta and Luiz oozed off the page.  They were both strong alpha like characters that needed each other to feel complete.  Their romance was chaotic because of past betrayals and misunderstandings and their attraction was passionate and unavoidable because they were true soul mates.
My Rating  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket 
I give Cria four flowers of love.  While, it didn't earn a place on my fav bookshelf,  Suzanne Rock is now one of my fav authors.  This book is definitely a super hot read.

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