Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Be Read Tuesdays

It's Tuesday again and time to tell you what I plan to read.  
But before I tell what's on the TBR for this week, lemme just rant a sec.  
Meltdown in three, two, one.....My brain is simply going to ooze from my skull because I  have been reading so many books lately.  I am on romance and drama overload.  
This is a good thing because my TBR list is getting smaller and smaller.  
This is also a bad thing because rather than stopping to write a review, I simply pick up the next book and keep reading.  Of course I have my handy dandy notebook to jot down all of my OMGs and WTFs, but this is  annoying habit is putting me behind on my reviews. I have about five reviews written, but none have been posted or scheduled in blogger. 
I must  remember to Read, Write, Post.  
Read, Write, Post...Okay, I'll try that today since I am almost finish with The Skull Ring, my current read.  Followers, please help me.  Book whores need checking sometimes.  If you see me reading books back to back with no reviews posted, comment on the blog or blast me on Twitter so I can get my shit together.  
Okay, enough ranting, here's this week's TBR ...

  1. Killing Me Softly by Maggie Shayne
  2. Kiss Me Kill Me by Maggie Shayne
  3. Kill Me Again by Maggie Shayne
  4. Dark Deception by Suzanne Rock
  5. Where The Rain Is Made by Keta Diablo
  6. The Secret Of The Scarlet Stone by T. L. Clarke

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sarah said...

Came by via the Blog Hop.

I'm on a romance overload too -- have quite a few waiting for me while I finish up these last few YAs I've had out of the library for a week.