Thursday, September 16, 2010

Naughty Novellas: Alien Mate 2 by Eve Langlais

Title:  Alien Mate 2
Author:  Eve Langlais
Series:  Alien Mate Series
Genre:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Erotica
Published:  July 2010
Publisher:  Amira
How I Got It:  Reviewed for author

Book Summary
Lex's ancestors have chosen a mate for him, there's only one problem. She's not the earthling he wants. 
Maya’s been raised to believe in aliens, and when she saves one from drowning, she can’t resist taking him home—and into her bed. 
Lex’s mission to collect his mate has been fraught with difficulties, and to add even more trouble to the mix, he finds himself attracted to the wrong earthling—a curvy human who makes him question tradition. 
Things get complicated in New Mexico because the military’s on the hunt for an ET, Maya’s determined to do what’s right, and Lex finds himself in the biggest battle of all—the one between his heart and his honor.

My Mini Thoughts
Maya is an average girl that craves adventure and a hot man to steam up her sheets.  She gets adventure and the best sex of her life, from an incredibly sexy alien named Lex.  And did I mention that he’s blue.   Yes, blue, as in smurf blue. 

Lex has been given the honor to travel to Earth to claim his “alien” bride.  He is honored to be one of the few on his planet chosen to help repopulate his home world and looking forward to meeting his mate and bonding with her, repeatedly.

I found this novella to be an extremely hot read.  Eve Langlais is a master at her craft.  She is a new to me author that will become a fav on my erotic romance radar.  

Although Lex is promised to another, the sexual tension he feels for Maya had me flipping pages very quickly.  I am very pleased with the spin that Eve put on the the ending.  It wrapped the story up nicely. 

My Mini  Rating
Alien Mate 2 is a quick and sexy read.  I give it four flowers of love and would recommend this book along with the prequel, Alien Mate.  

Tomorrow, I will be interviewing Eve and hosting a giveaway for one of her ebooks .  Please go to her website, check out her titles, and come back for your chance to win.