Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: Love Bites by Margie Church

Author:  Margie Church

Series:   Love Bites

Genre:  Parnormal, Erotica, Romance

Published:  August 2010

Publisher:  Noble Romance Publisher

How I Got It:  Reviewed for author

Book Summary:
An accidental encounter turns into high stakes love when Jui Fabrice meets Wade Kairos in Germany. She has no idea he’s a vampire and Wade has every intention of keeping his secret.

A vineyard cottage is the perfect place for Jui and Wade to make love until he discovers her unique link to his living years. He vows to stay away from her forever, but he can’t let her go completely. Wade’s repressed human feelings continue rising. He invades Jui’s dreams and communicates telepathically with her at will. Evil jealousy consumes him when Jui becomes involved with Rob Hawthorne and she rebukes Wade for his controlling behaviors.

Then Wade’s lifelong companion dies in a vamp war and his desolation is too much to
handle alone. He turns to the only person who cares about him—Jui—and for one hot night, he becomes the man she’s wanted all along.

The Ancient One, Ladislav Husek, learns of Wade’s risky human behavior and gives Wade a taste of how viciously he’ll die if he doesn’t bury his tracks with Jui. Husek promises to turn Jui into his personal playmate and Wade has to choose. Can love prevail over evil in a relationship that never was supposed to happen?

My Thoughts
I love a good vampire story and Love Bites did not disappoint.

Wade is a typical vamp.   He’s handsome and doesn’t mind using his vamp charm to secure as much blood and sex as he desires.  He’s also arrogant as hell which makes for plenty of temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. 

Jui is the object of his affections and while she pretty much offers herself up on a platter, he chooses to torment the both of them by not giving in to what they both obviously want.  For one, her mysterious tie to his past haunts him, and two, he would rather her remember him as what she thinks he is:  a stranger that she almost had random sex with and not a creature from her worst nightmare.

I loved the fact that Jui and Wade had an unspoken romance.  They were worlds apart, but always in each other’s thoughts and hearts.  Despite the fact that I thought they were causing themselves unnecessary drama, their idiot drama is what kept me flipping pages.

In most vampire stories you read about the possessive vamp that acknowledges his mate, takes her like a brute, and pretends to be totally confused when she doesn’t return his love.  Most of the time its destiny and the female must learn to love her beast or suffer.   In Love Bites, Wade forces Jui to live her human life, without him.  It hurts them both in the long run, but he is determined not to let her catch a glimpse of his private hell. 

And while Jui is living her human life, Wade is always lurking in her shadow slowly losing his grip on his last human emotions.

My  Rating  
This is my first book by Margie Church and I loved it.  I give Love Bites five flowers of love and a place on my fav bookshelf.   Margie served up the perfect HEA, with an unexpected twist. 

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BTW, interview with Margie will post later today.

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Margie Church said...

Yvonne, thank you for this review! I'm really glad you made time in your busy schedule and that Love Bites did not disappoint! I am pleased to be on the favorites shelf and look forward to blogging with you soon.