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Author Spotlight: Interview and Giveaway with Brita Addams-Contest Closed

Today, I welcome author Brita Addams to the blog. Brita's latest, Her Timeless Obsession was just released September 27.  Here is a little about her and her writing.

Diva:   What do you like most about writing?

Brita:  I have creative overload and always have. I love to create situations and characters to work their way through those situations. I won't deny I really love it when I hear from readers who tell me they like what I write. It really feels good when someone appreciates what you do.

Diva:  What genre do you write mostly and what appeals to you most about your genre?

Brita:  I write historical romance in two sub-genres – sensual, under my real name, Tina Ordone and erotic under my pen name, Brita Addams.

Given the social strictures of the time of which I write, it is great fun to place characters in situations where they have to flout those strictures in order to live their lives as they choose. Certainly people were sexual and some more than others. A woman's downfall depended upon her chastity upon her marriage. Doing the 'right thing' meant everything. My characters don't always do the right thing and have fun in the 'not doing.'

Diva:  Where do you get the names for your characters?

Brita:  Very often, I take names from my own genealogy. I will name characters after my ancestors. For instance, Lucien Damrill in Serenity's Dream got his first name from my husband's great grandfather and his surname came from my own family tree. My great-great uncle was John Stanhope Damrill, the first fire chief in Boston, Massachusetts. I suppose it is a way for me to honor those people from long ago.

I've scoured old census records and have lists of names common in the periods I write in. There were no Chads or Tiffanys back then and it would be tragic to use names not used in "the olden days."

Diva:  Tell us about your latest release(s)?

Read excerpt HERE
Brita:  Her Timeless Obsession is my first published book written under my real name. I used some of my experience as a non-professional genealogist to create the lineage in the story. We have a young woman in 1910 who "falls in love" so to speak with the handsome young soldier in an old dusty portrait. In old trunks, she discovers letters and even journals and is soon immersed in the story of Jeremy Saintaubin and Honoria Danby. Wanting to know more, she visits the Royal Historical Society and Newspaper Reading Room at the British Library in London and she discovers that Jeremy was killed in a duel, cutting short the love story.

She's desperate to do something, knowing the wish is foolish. What can she do, if anything, to save Jeremy? I don't want to give too much away!

I contacted both the Royal Historical Society and the British Library and the people in both places were enormously helpful. I used the name of a man who was the director of the Historical Society in 1910, Hubert Hall, as the gentleman who helped the young lady. I also used the name of my helper, Mr. Stewart Gillies, at the British Library, as the man who helped her in that location and actually uncovered the tragic news of Jeremy Saintaubin's death by duel.

By the way, a character in Timeless, Cornelia Martinson Lawrence, was named for my great-aunt, who was the Town Clerk in Concord, Massachusetts for many, many years. She loved family history and was the source of all my Martinson genealogy, as the family came from Norway. Her parents were first generation in this country. I would never have been able to trace the family history, as the surname changes with the father's name. Martin's son or Martin's daughter (dottir). Thank God, someone write it all down!!

Diva:  What are you working on next?

Brita:  Silver Publishing just bought my male/male vampire historical, Love Immortal. It is book one in my Mysterious Moonlight series, which Silver would like to publish. Love Immortal is scheduled for release on December 4th.

Silver also just bought Splendid Captivity, which is a ménage set in the Regency period. It will be released on January 22, 2011.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up another Tina book, and will then start on the two male/male vampire books.

The Sapphire Club Series
Diva:  What do you enjoy reading the most?

Brita:  I love historical romances, biographies and anything to do with history. I love American and British history – no wonder I write historical romance!!

Diva:  What are you reading now?

Brita:  I'm reading Aleksandr Voinov's and Kate Cotoner's Lion of Kent, after which I will be reading Keta Diablo's Where the Rain is Made. Then I have a series by Cerise Deland I am anxious to get to.

Diva:  Who are your favorite authors?

Brita:  I'm fortunate that Aleks Voinov and Keta Diablo are not only two of my favorite authors but they are friends as well. They are two of the most talented writers I've ever read and they are really great people as well. In Aleks' Special Forces (free on his website), he created the character, Vadim Krasnorada, who will haunt my hero-laden mind forever. A supreme hero, unlikely yes, but THE most memorable character I've ever read.

I also love Lisa Kleypas, Mary Balogh, both of which created two of my favorite heroes, Lord Wycliff (It Happened One Autum) and Sydnam Butler (Simply Love.) Exquisitely broken heroes, my favorite kind.

Diva:  What would you advise an aspiring author?

Brita:  Never give up, write, write, write. Read, read, read. Study your craft, know your audience.

Diva:  Is there anything you'd like to tell your readers?

Brita:  I'd like to say to everyone who has read one or more of my books, thank you so much. I love hearing from you, so please write and let me know what you like or dislike about my stories.

To anyone who hasn't read one of my books, but thinks they would enjoy erotic or sensual historical romance, what's keeping you? The books are available at Noble Romance Publishing, Amazon, All Romance E-Books and Bookstrand. 

Brita's Bio
Tina Ordone has been an author all her life.  She recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by becaming a publisher author in 2010.  She writes historical romances under her birth name, but writes erotic historical romance under her pen name, Brita Adams.  She was born in New York but makes her home in the south.

For more information on Brita or to connect with her:
My website is:


Join Brita on Saturday, Oct 2 for a LIVE chat.  She will also be giving away a book or two along with a few other surprises.  Please check her website for instructions.

Contest Alert!!!
Brita is giving away an ebook copy of her new release, Her Timeless Obsession.  To enter you must be a follower of the blog and leave a comment for Brita.  Please include your email so they I can contact you. Earn extra entries by Tweeting (2pts), Blogging (1pt), or posting the contest on Facebook (1pt).  Please include direct links to all tweets and posts in your comment.  Contest will end Oct 5.  Winner will be randomly selected and emailed.  You will have 72 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.  Good luck!

And BTW, Brita will be guest posting and hosting another  giveaway for her Sapphire Club series  during my Spooktacular Halloween Bash later this month.  Details coming up!

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Lucy Beugeling-Ramos said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Highly appreciated.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Diva for the opportunity to visit with your readers. I'm giving away a copy of Her Timeless Obsession to a commenter, so I hope everyone who stops by will leave a few words.

I'd also like to mention that I will conducting a live chat tomorrow (Saturday, October 2) afternoon at 3 eastern. Go to my website, and the instructions for joining the chat will be posted.

I'll stop back throughout the day to say hi.


Aleksandr Voinov said...

I really like the idea of "honouring your ancestors" through writing. I think that's a noble undertaking if I've ever seen one.

And thanks for the plug. :)


Unknown said...

@Aleks, I am surprised to see you here but thank you for coming. I appreciate your support. You are welcome for the plug, it's only the truth.

@Lucy, my pleasure.


Jeremy said...

I love historical romance so erotic historical sounds fabulous. I would love to read this book.

Unknown said...

Danielle, If you like erotic historicals, you might like my Sapphire Club series and if you like sensual historicals, Her Timeless Obsession might be for you. Either way or both ways, I hope you will read one of my offerings and then want more.

Nichelle Gregory said...

Great interview, Brita! I love how you've come up with the character names for your stories and the research behind them. Best of luck to you with this release and future ones!


Sheree said...

Congrats on you new release!

The setup of "Her Timeless Obsession" reminds me the old Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour movie "Somewhere in Time". I can't wait to read how you resolve it.


Unknown said...

Sheree, I've never seen Somewhere in Time, though I will! I hope you enjoy the story. I surely enjoyed writing it.

Hi Nichelle. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the good wishes.

Unknown said...

Great interview and the book sounds awesome. I enjoy doing genealogical research, too.

Unknown said...

mbreakfield, thank you so much. I hope you will read and enjoy the book. Please let me know.