Monday, October 4, 2010

Author Spotlight: Interview with Jeannie Lin

Today, I welcome author Jeannie Lin to the blog.  Jeannie has a new historical romance, Butterfly Swords, which released on Oct 1.  I had an opportunity to read it and will be posting my review later today.

Jeannie is super sweet and although she has been super busy lately, she still made time to answer a few questions for me.

Diva:  Describe yourself in five words.

Jeannie:  Analytical, sentimental, determined, scatter-brained, optimistic

Diva:  What are three things that your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

Jeannie:  I've been doing so many interviews, so I'm going to try to dig deep here....1) I love trips to Vegas. My favorite game is blackjack. I can have fun in Vegas even if I don't gamble at all. I have a feeling if I put my mind to it, I'd be a fair poker player. I don't play much, but when I took an intro lesson once, a bunch of sharks swooped in after the lesson was over to feed on the beginners. I took 'em all.  2) I'm married to an uber-alpha male who wooed me for a good ten years before I gave into his charm 3) The one thing I consider myself a savant at is debugging computer code--which is how I met my husband, who I taught how to program. He denies this. 

Diva:  What were you doing before you became a writer?  And what would you have done if your writing hadn't taken off?

Jeannie:   I was a science teacher and then a healthcare integration consultant. Basically a techie. I still do that as I'm not in a place where writing pays the bills yet. The writing career is quite a long ways from taking off, but I do entertain fantasies in the middle of the night about one day writing for a living. 
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Diva:  What authors have had the most influence on your writing or your desire to become a writer?

Jeannie:  Stephen King and Ray Bradbury first inspired me to read and to write. I consider Barbara Ankrum my mentor and she was the one who taught me how to put a novel together and made me believe I could write romance. I'd also have to add Marion Zimmer Bradley into that. Her Sword and Sorceress anthology was the very first time I tried to submit anything. I was in middle school at the time. 

Diva:  How long did it take from the time you finished your first book, to get your work published?

Jeannie:  About four years. Oh wait, that's the start of the first book. From finish, it was about a year and a half. And the first book was not the one that sold. 

Diva:  What's the best piece of advice you were given while you were trying to get your work published? 

Jeannie:  Keep on working on the next book. 

Diva:  What book(s) are you dying to get your hands on?

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Jeannie:  Cindy Pon's Fury of the Phoenix is high on my list. I've also been searching madly for Courtney Milan's Trial by Desire which I better have by the time this interview posts! 

Diva:  Do you have any tidbits that you can share about what's next on your agenda?

Jeannie:  I've put together a proposal for a historical paranormal series also set in imperial China. It has jiangshi--hopping zombies in it.  If that actually sells, I may have to reward myself with a research trip to China. :)

Jeannie’s Bio
Jeannie Lin started writing in 2005 while she was teaching high school. Her stories are inspired by her love of adventure, history, and fantasy in both western and Asian traditions. From an early age she was fascinated by legends of King Arthur and the fantasy of Lord of the Rings as well as the Chinese wuxia (martial arts) fiction. As a result, she writes heroic characters in epic situations while interweaving a strong romance to make larger than life characters human.

Where to find Jeannie:
Twitter:   @JeannieLin

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Jeannie Lin said...

Thanks for the interview. In retrospect, I realized a true poker shark would never reveal such a thing in a public interview. I think that career is over before it began.

Yvonne said...

@ Jeannie
LMAO! Yes you've been found out! Thanks for letting me interview you.

cindy said...

jumping zombies, woohoo! =)
and thanks for the Fury shout out, jeannie!
my copy of Butterfly Swords is on its way.
i can't wait!

thanks for a great interview too, yvonne.