Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Naughty Novellas: Eternity And A Day by Aline Hunter

Title:  Eternity And A Day

Author:  Aline Hunter

Series:  Desires Of The Otherworld, Book #1

Genre:  Paranormal, Fantasy, Shapeshifters

Published:  July 2010

Publisher:  Loose Id

Format: ebook

How I Got It:  received from author

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Book Summary:
Dreading the one night per tide he’s forced to travel between the realms, Draigen Eric Locke has only one desire on Samhain – to retrieve the fae transporting daemon relics through the realms and escort her to the Dark Court to face the sidhe king. When he mistakenly recovers the wrong fae, the dragon under his skin responds in a way he never could have predicted, and he discovers he’s found the woman destined to him by the Fates – his Chosen.

Runa Charon is an anomaly among her kind, the mortal offspring of a human and a fae. Unlike other sidhe, she longs to experience pleasure instead of pain, love instead of lust. Immortally strong but mortally fragile, she’s been sheltered all of her life. When the opportunity to meet a Draigen from the Otherworld arises, she can’t resist the temptation and travels to meet the man who will change her destiny.

Unlike other netherworld creatures, Draigen mate for life, choosing to follow the path of their beloved mate in this reality or the next. Knowing a future can only span one lifetime, will they settle for less than an eternity? Or will they be grateful for the gift of each day?

My Thoughts
Dragons and fairies…oh my! When I first received this story from Aline, I had not read any of her books and did not know what to expect.  But thanks to constant praise from her Twitter following, I went into this story knowing I would not be disappointed.

Eternity And A Day introduces you to Runa, half human and half fae, that is tired of the norm and wants some excitement in her life.  Thanks to her evil sister and a total misunderstanding with a dangerous Draigen, her peaceful life is quickly turned upside down and about to cost her her life.

Eric is Draigen, half human and half dragon, and he despises all fae.   He has come to collect a fae that has been marked for death, and mistakenly takes the wrong one.  All hell breaks loose when everyone discovers who she really is and he is unwilling to give her up.

It did not take me long to breeze through this book and get mad when I came to the very last page.  The story is told in such a way that it sweeps you into the fantasy, you get lost in the characters, and you want more.

Runa was a feisty little character.  She’s one of those characters that you love, but you want to smack a few times because she's too stubborn for her own good.  She knows that Eric is her mate, and that neither will ever love another, but it takes her forever to come around.

Eric was a total alpha.  He was beyond possessive, dangerous, an arrogant ass, and still too hot for his own damn good.  He fell in love with Runa and even though their species hated each other, he dared anyone not to accept their relationship. 

I was happy with the ending, but disappointed that it was a novella.  Since this is the beginning of a new series, I know there is so much more to come.  I just can't wait until the next installment!  

My  Rating
I give Eternity And A Day four flowers of love.  Aline Hunter (JA Saare) is an author to look out for.  Even though this book is a novella, it packed a great story in a small amount of pages and left me wanting more.


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ParaJunkee said...

Wow. Great review. I love me some naughty novellas.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for stopping by. Naughty is good, very good!

Belinda said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book like I did! I am a total fangirl of JA Saare now!

I can't wait to read the rest of the books of this series. I am totally crushing on Lucien and can't wait for his story especially!

Yvonne said...

I'm looking forward to knowing more about Knox and Lucien.