Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: The Stoker Sisters: Daughters Of Dracula by Kailin Gow


Title: Daughters Of Dracula

Author:  Kailin Gow

Series:  The Stoker Sisters, Book #1

Genre:  Young Adult, Paranormal, Shapeshifters

Published:  October 12, 2010

Publisher:  The Edge

Format I Read: ARC print copy

Pages:  243

How I Got It:  Reviewed for Pump Up Your Book Tours

Book Summary:
Two sisters... Born during the time of Jane Austen... Set to marry for advancement, but escaped their fates by becoming vampires. Now vampires in the 21st century, hunted by a sect of rogue hunters, the sisters live in a small beach town of California where they meet Keegan Knowles, a mysterious boy. For hundreds of years they've shared clothes, books, and their home, but will they share the same boy or is it there going to be war?

My Thoughts
In Daughters Of Dracula, Sadie and Alexis Stoker are the last human relatives of Vlad Dracule.  The sisters are complete opposites.  Sadie has always been quiet and reserved, while Alexis has always been wild and carefree.  The girls' sheltered lives are changed forever with the arrival of Lord Ashwin.

Lord Ashwin is a handsome, mysterious traveler claiming to be in town on business.  In truth, he brings darkness and death to their peaceful English town.  On one faithful night, he turns both girls into vampires, and vanishes.

Three hundred years later, the sisters have managed to lead separate lives until Alexis blows into town with hunters in tow and wrecks havoc on Sadie’s attempt at passing for human.

Being a fan of vampires and being intrigued by the myths and origins, there was no question that I was going to love this book.  The book made several references to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which for some reason I have never read, but will be putting on my TBR. 

Daughters Of Dracula was a great change of pace from the other vampire books that I’ve been reading.  It’s a story of two young women that do their best to blend into society despite being vampires. They run into new and old acquaintances and have a hard time trying to figure out who to trust. Through it all, they remain loyal to each other and continue to learn more about their heritage and why everyone is being so damn secretive.

I liked both main characters.  Although Sadie is compassionate, and Alexis can be a serious bitch, I couldn’t decide who I liked more.  I didn’t like the fact that both girls fell for the same guy twice, but I loved the drama that the triangle brings.

I’ve often stated that I’m not a big fan of YA because most young adult books do not hold my attention well, but Daughters Of Dracula keep me interested.  Although the plot and characters did remind me of The Vampire Diaries show, I will be picking up the next book.  The story leaves you with a felling that all hell is about to break loose and you want to be there when it does.

My Rating
I give Daughters of Dracula four and a half flowers of love.  I am a new fan of Kailin Gow’s work.  If you love Vampire Diaries and Twilight, you’ll love this book.



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Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

I have been waiting to read this for so long!! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I love my paranormal romance novels But I to do delve into the YA as well

Yvonne said...

Once you start reading, it's going to be soo hard to put it down.