Friday, November 19, 2010

Author Spotlight: Guest post and book feature by Inez Kelly

Today I welcome author Inez Kelly to the blog.  Inez is here to introduce Lipstick On His Collar, her latest smoking hot read.

You know the instant you catch that cute guy’s eye from across the room? That electric crackle that races down your spine and tingles all through your blood? That precise minute is when magic happens. The possibilities are endless. Maybe he’ll be nothing more than a quick fantasy to make you smile a year from now while doing dishes. Maybe he’ll be a few hours of flirting and making you feel alive with jitters. Maybe, just maybe, that spark will grow, morph into a fire that will scorch you into a wet puddle. That look… is priceless.

For a few seconds, anything is possible. You’re looking at him; he’s looking at you and… sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzle

That look, even if it never goes beyond that single glance, is the stuff of fantasies. It’s also the premise and opening for LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR. One look sparked a wildfire that burnt deep into Bram Winter’s soul.

She opened her eyes and her gaze landed on him like a brushfire. Hot met dry and a spark flashed, exploded and raged through him. Intense and appreciative, unblinking and direct, she did not look away. There was no chance she had accidentally engaged his notice. The look was too conscious, too appraising. With a quick drop of long lashes, her gaze vanished then returned to snag his.
Not unintentional. Deliberate.
Need scorched him, blazing hotter than the temperature and more intoxicating than the beer in his hand. She never stopped her rhythmic motions. But now, her eyes—wide mossy-green and shining with interest—locked with his, and she danced only for him. A pale pink tongue darted out to caress her upper lip, and he mimicked it, longing to taste what she silently offered. Temptation swept over him like a blistering tidal wave, stealing inside before he could think to shove it aside to break the powerful connection. He should. He would. In a minute.
She turned and rolled her hips. She held his gaze over her shoulder, her lips pouting as she finished her slow spin. Long fingers tipped in a frosty pale color slid down her body, and his palms itched. He knew fire sirens but she was a Siren, her call reaching across the ocean of people to entice him, lure him, draw him closer.
Now for Bram and his mystery lady, things got hot fast. He was left with a memory of one wild, blazing night and a longing to feel the burn again. Once he found her five months and hundreds of miles later, things got even hotter. But remember, if you play with fire, you just might get burnt.
LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR from Samhain Publishing Nov. 23, 2010

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Book Summary
He never thought his next wildfire would be wearing a red dress.

“Make me your goddess and I’ll take you to heaven.” This sultry promise sparks a scorching, unforgettable one-night stand. The next morning Bram Winters awakes with a hickey and a head full of wicked memories—alone. His nameless goddess is gone without a trace, along with his shirt. And his heart.

Five months later, he stumbles across his mystery lady in a Laundromat, but she still won’t give up her name. Worse, she begs him to leave, no questions asked. Once he catches the spark of terror in her eyes, though, his firefighter training takes over—and he digs in for the duration.

Lady never wanted Bram to see her life’s ugly underside, but it’s too late—his socks are already in the washer. He was supposed to be her declaration of independence from her unstable ex, a bittersweet memory to carry into her new life.

Except the ex continues to stalks her.  And Bram’s reappearance sends her emotions and desires tumbling over the edge. As the minutes wear on, sexual tension rises faster than the steam from a hot water wash.

And Lady’s ex watches from the shadows, growing more furious by the minute…

Warning: Scorching sex, icy scissor play and an anonymous woman taking a wet slide down one hot ex-fireman’s pole. Beware of hot flashes and spontaneous combustion. Correct change not required.

Inez Kelley is a multi-published author of various romance genres. You can visit her at her website  Follow Inez on twitter at @Inez_Kelley or on Facebook at JOIN Inez on Novemeber 24th on her site for her special BIRTHDAY BONANZA BLOW OUT and over two dozen chances to win free books including LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR!

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