Saturday, November 20, 2010

Naughty Novella: Best Man by Ceri Hebert

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Published: August 2010
Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing

Author Website:

Format I Read:  ebook

Pages:  91 (Nook pages)

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Book Summary
Lorelei Warren is facing every bride’s nightmare—she’s been left at the altar with a “Dear Jane” letter from the groom, and a church full guests. Will Draper, her best friend and the best man, wants to pick up the pieces. He’s been in love with her for years. 

Now Lori has to decide where her life will head. Leaving Florida on what should have been her honeymoon in New England, questions torment her thoughts.  Can she leave her old life behind and start fresh?

My Thoughts
Lorelei thought that her wedding day would be the best day of her life, too bad her groom had other plans that he didn’t bother to share. 

His plans included running off with someone else and leaving her hurt and confused. It’s a good thing that she has Will, the sexy best man, who is eager to help in any way possible.

Best Man is a story about picking up the pieces when loves goes bad. Lorelei and Will are best friends. To Will, Lorelei is the woman of his dreams and he will do anything to see her happy. That includes standing by watching her marry another man. But once Lorelei is left hurt and confused, Will sees no reason to keep holding his feeling back.

Lorelei is confused at first and can’t believe that Will has feelings for her. She’s still reeling from her fiancé’s betrayal and can’t think straight. Despite her reluctance, she realizes that she has feelings for him too, and decides to explore the possibilities.

I enjoyed reading Best Man. At first I thought the story was going to be a scandalous affair where everyone is sleeping with everyone, but it turned out to be a nice romantic story. The characters were likable and the story was very easy to follow.

My  Rating
Three and a half flowers of love.


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