Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: The Mermaid's Pendant by LeAnn Neal Reilly


Genre:  Fantasy, Romance, Fiction

Published:  March 2010

Publisher:  Zephon Books

Format I Read:  Paperback

Pages:  572

Author Website:

How I Got It: reviewed for Pump Up Your Book Tours

Book Summary:
Inspired by the beloved classic The Little Mermaid, THE MERMAID’S PENDANT is a modern fairy tale about growing up and discovering who you are—and what you believe in. At times lyrical, this novel is a fantastic journey filled with magic, myth, romance, and adventure.

Four years after John Wilkerson claims the mermaid Tamarind for his wife, they have an idyllic marriage that depends on a talisman that she crafted on their island paradise. But Tamarind learns a painful truth: it takes more than legs to live on land and more than magic to sustain a bond. When the talisman breaks, she and John are forced to rely on themselves instead of magic.

Three wise women play key roles in the young lovers’ journey to mature love. Ana, Tamarind’s aging mentor, casts spells and performs seductions to keep the lovers apart. Valerie, an expat jewelry maker cum fairy godmother, works her own magic to bring them together. Lucy, their widowed neighbor, grounds the couple in the realities of marriage, parenting, and family.

THE MERMAID’S PENDANT is a story for anyone who has ever believed in the transforming power of love.

My Thoughts
The Mermaid’s Pendant is like the adult version of The Little Mermaid. It still has the magic of the fairy tale, but Leann Neal Reilly takes the classic tale and tests the happy ever after

Tamarind is the naive mermaid that gives up everything she knows to live a human life with John.  With the help of Ana, a local witch, Tamarind goes through the motions of winning John’s heart from two other women that he is already involved with.  Yeah, when the two meet, John already has a girlfriend and has just started a fling with someone else.

Although John is already juggling two women, he’s still drawn to Tamarind and after much drama, they finally get together.  That’s where the real story begins.

I was seriously intimidated by the size of this book when I first got it. As I read it, there was so much going on in the lives of Tamarind and John that I felt the book actually should have been longer. 

Their relationship made my head hurt.  It started out strong with them knowing each other’s mind and mood, but became so strained because they didn’t trust each other.  At times, their daughter could sense that something was seriously wrong when they couldn’t.  I was confused about that part, but it kept the story interesting.

The ex girlfriend and the witch created the most the strain with Tamarind and John’s relationship.  I kept waiting for a knock down drag out session with the ex and a magical showdown with the witch, but the events that got rid of them were unexpected twists.  

My  Rating
I give The Mermaid’s Pendant four flowers of love.  The book was very well written and easy to follow.  The characters development was good.  At times, parts of the story did get a little wordy and drawn out, but overall I enjoyed the story.


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