Monday, April 18, 2011

ARC Review: Devil In Disguise by Stefanie Sloane

Genre:  Historical Romance    
Release Date:  May 24, 2011

Series:  Regency Rogues, Book #1

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Format Read:  ARC Print Copy

Pages:  320

Source:  Author

Rating:  Three flowers of love

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Book Blurb
Lord William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont, is a wicked rake with little regard for society—a most unlikely suitor for the prim and proper Lady Lucinda Gray. But his latest assignment for the Young Corinthians, an elite spy organization, involves protecting her from a kidnapping plot and to do this, the notorious “Iron Will” must get close to Lucinda, and convince her that he’s a man worthy of her attention. It is a simple enough task to use his devilish charm to seduce her, but William never would have guessed that he’d become enthralled by the lovely Lady Grey—or that he’d lose his own heart in the bargain.

Beautiful and fiercely intelligent, Lucinda has managed to gracefully sidestep even the most persistent suitors. Until the Duke of Clairemont, that is. His rugged features, sinfully sensuous mouth, and piercing eyes are as alluring as the champion thoroughbred he tantalizingly offers in exchange for the honor of courting her, and she finds it hard to resist either temptation. The feelings he stirs in her both excite and arouse, urging her on despite the very real danger he represents. But when the truth is revealed, will Lucinda risk her heart and her life for a chance at everlasting love?

My Thoughts
This book was a good start to a romance series that I will continue to read.  I thought the two main characters, Lucinda and Will were fun to read about.   I liked Lucinda because she had spunk and ambition. While other ladies were busy chasing husband prospects, she was busy following her dreams.   Her dream, along with her aunts, was to breed and race horses, something that proper ladies did not do.  It wasn’t for the money, just the enjoyment because she loved horses.  Although she had many admirers, her first passion was horses.  No man stood a chance until Will captured her heart without even meaning to.

 Like all historical heroes, Will was the complete rake.  I love my rakes, but I also like them with a bit of mystery and adventure.  Will was that and then some.  His status as a secret agent made the story more interesting. At first his job was to protect Lucinda so making it seem like they were dating fit his plan perfectly.   He spared no expense in wooing her and even baited her with the one thing he knew she wouldn’t be able to resist-his prized horse.
Although he didn’t appreciate her blunt words nor was he fond of her independence, he still ended up falling in love with her. 

The one thing I didn’t like about the story was the gossiping aunts.  It was clear that they loved her, but they seemed to cared more about getting the horse and building their business.  They saw no fault in using Lucinda as a means to get what they wanted.  But despite that little drawback, I did enjoy the book and recommend it to anyone that loves historical romances.


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IandSsmom said...

I can't wait to read this book! Thank you for the review!

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Thank you so much for the review I am just dying to read this book is sounds stunning !!!

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Great review can't wait to read the book

Dtchycat said...

Thanks for the review! I love stories with rakes who fall for women who seek to become independent - just love how when they aren't looking for love it always seems to find them anyhow!

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Thanks~ I am really looking forward to reading this book!

Diane D - Florida said...

The review is awesome. I love the colors and artwork on the front cover. This will scream out from the shelves "Buy Me" when it is released. I adore naughty rakes who unexpectedly fall into the well of love. I can't wait to read this.