Monday, May 30, 2011

Music Monday

Hi, bookish peeps and happy Memorial Day.  Again I have been MIA on the blog.  Sorry but I can't help it. Work has been kicking my ass.  I've been too tired to blog or tweet, but I have continued reading and will update the blog with some reviews this week.  I'm currently enjoying my three days off work and just thought I'd share some music with you.  Love this song and my lil boyfriend can dance his ass off.  Enjoy!

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Jade said...

I love this song. Well except for that chick wailing in the background, they could have left her off the track. And the video is pretty amazing. I love that he pays homage to MJ, and you're right...that boy can dance his ass off!

Yvonne said...

@ Jade
LOL! Really who is the chick in the background? Love me some Chris Brown.