Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Be Read Tuesday

Well, as my fellow book lovers can see, my blog has fallen by the waist side due to my new baby.  I've been trying to catch up, but between poopy diapers and trying to keep my little man on a feeding schedule (which by the way does not work when your baby runs you) I've been in slow motion.  But, I'm still trying because I love my books. 

I have a back list of books that I want to get read and a slew of new books that I am looking forward to getting in my hot little hands. In a minute, I might have to trade my romance and mystery books for nursery rhyme books, but until then, Ashten is going to keep getting an earful of things that I am so glad he can't repeat yet.  LOL!

Anyhoo, here is what I am reading this week.  And a recent pix of my Ashy Poo.

This Time Will Be Different by London Tracy
Tapping into the notion that some women continue to attract the same type of men, "This Time Will Be Different" explores what happens when a woman against her better judgement, dates the same unavailable man from her past, with the hope that this time will be different.

It's been a year since Ireland Jamison's heart was broken by Jay Evers, the man who refused to commit to her because of his on-again-off-again relationship with his high-school sweetheart. After licking her wounds, Ireland is ready and eager to fall in love once again, living by only one rule--never date an unavailable man.

On the evening of Ireland's birthday, she stumbles upon a chance encounter with no one other than Jay Evers, and he is just as charming and irresistible as ever. There's just one problem--he is still semi-involved with his ex-girlfriend, and Ireland knows that giving in to him again could cost her yet another broken heart.

This romantic drama serves up something sexy and provocative, proving that the road to love can be paved with many painful lessons and memorable moments. It's a story about paying attention to your past so that you don't always have to repeat it.

Ashten-2 1/2 months

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