Saturday, November 28, 2009

To Crave A Blood Moon by Sharie Kohler

Four stars
Book Summary
Imprisoned and tortured by a lycan pack, half-breed Sebastian Santiago is determined not to break. But now they've come up with a cruel plan-starve Sebastian until he is half-mad with hunger, then force him to succumb to his werewolf instincts by giving him human prey to feed on.

Snatched from the streets of Istanbul, American tourist Ruby Deveraux has already seen the horror of her companions torn apart. Now she is thrown into a dark cell with a shadowy shape she can barely see. But Ruby is no ordinary woman. All her life she has been able to sense the emotions of others, and she knows instinctively that while Sebastian does not want to be her enemy, he is in the grip of sensations so dark and primitive that he can barely control them. But amid his surging feelings she can detect passion-passion for her as a woman. This, she realizes, may be her only hope. IN the unrelenting dark, trapped in a hideous prison, can Ruby and Sebastian somehow forge a fragile alliance and break free from thier deadly captors to seize a love neither dreamed possible?

I loved this book. This is book three in the Moon Chaser novels so I'll have to back track and read the other books.
The book started off great with Sebastian trying hard not to be tempted by Ruby, but we all know how weak a man's desires can make him.
I'm all for Alpha males finding their mates but do they have to be so violent when they do it? In most of the books I've read, there are two types of guys. The romantics at heart that make love to their women-but later screw them to they pass out (Black Dagger Brotherhood novels) and the psychos that pretty much rape their women, and get more intense as the relationship grows (The Carpathians Dark Series). Now we've got Sebastian who pretty much lets her know he's sorry but he's gotta either have sex with her or rip her throat out.
The book was a good read but towards the end, Ruby started getting on my very last nerve with her independent woman speeches. She had a good man but didn't know how to appreciate him. Sure he's a dangerous hybrid lycan but he's hot in bed. And yeah, he's possessive as hell, but if the man didn't love her, he wouldn't have put up with her. I wanted to smack her, her friend, and the social worker. Pass Sebastian my way, I'll take him-hairy ass and all!

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