Sunday, December 27, 2009

Seduce Me In Shadow by Shayla Black

Five stars

Caden MacTavish, an ex Marine who has shunned his magical heritage and English roots for a life in the States. His brother Lucan chose to stay in their homeland and embraced it, but Caden hopes that the magical gene has skipped him altogether because he wants no part of magickind. But when Sabelle Rion, a powerful witch comes to tell him of Lucan's illness, he fears that magic is about to take over his life.

Sabelle and her brother Bram, who is Lucan's best friend, have tried to care for his brother but fear he is on his death bed. Lucan's mate was brutally taken from him and is still missing. Lucan is mad with grief and must be restrained to avoid killing someone in his violent rage. His condition is getting worst by the minute, but Caden has a new problem-his own magic is slowly beginning to reveal itself. His life is quickly going to Hell in a hand basket.

While caring for his brother, Caden must take his brother's place in The Doomsday Brethren, a band of warriors sworn to protect magickind and the Doomsday Diary, a magical book that can bring about mass destruction. To make matters worst, the book was stolen and resurfaced in the hands of a human taboloid reporter and Caden has the task of retrieving it by seducing it away from her.

Sydney Blair is a reporter who knows shes on the verge of uncovering the story of the century. With the help of her anonymous source, a supposed witch that was raped and tortured by an evil wizard bent on taking over magickind, she's sure to win the praise she seeks. She'll do anything to be the first to scoop the strange happenings that no one else seems to be aware of.

When Caden shows up as her super hot new photographer, she is blinded with desire and would give anything to have him strip her naked. Despite her constant flirting and attention grabbing wardrobe, he shows her no interest beyond a professional relationship. He only seems to be interested in her mysterious source and the little red book she recently acquired.

The the little diary was given to her as a birthday present and is supposed to grant any sexual fantasy written on it's pages. Sydney doesn't believe it, but on a sleepless night with wild fantasies about Caden dancing around in her head, she writes her fantasy in the book and waits. Not only does she bring Caden to her bed, but an evil wizard who'd love to show her first hand what playing with magic can do.

Unaware that Syndney has written in the Doomsday Diary about him, Caden has already been trying hard to resist her. With his magical transition on it's way, he thinks of no one but her. Everything about her makes him want to Call to her (magical wedding vows) but given his brother's situation, and Sydney's dangerous obsession with magickind, he knows that their mating could only lead to disaster.

Like the other two in the Doomsday Brethren series, book two did not disappoint. I just wish I'd read it before I read book three, Possess Me At Midnight. Caden and Sydney's story was great. Sydney was a little annoying at first but I ended up liking her in the end. Caden, who wouldn't love him. The only thing I didn't like was the reference to his tight jeans. I do not-repeat-do not like a man in tight jeans. Doesn't that cut off their circulation or something? That cannot be comfortable, especially if they have a lot of junk to put in those jeans. Not to say that I like bagging jeans down to the ass, I just want the balls to be able to breathe!

I liked this book and gave it five stars because once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to see what happened and didn't want to wait. It's becoming rare to find books that make you want to read the entire story rather than skim through it to get to the good parts.

Besides the developing romance of Caden and Sydney, there was also the beginning attraction of Sabelle and Ice. Anka was found and Lucan got better. The reason she chose to be Shock instead of Lucan was made clear. I don't think Shock is that bad of a guy even though he's playing both sides. If push came to shove, I think he'd side with the Brethren simply because of his love for Anka and what Matthias did to her. Oh, I wrote earlier that I was going to find out about the mind rape thing. Matthias is such an evil bastard that he kidnaps women, and forces them to have sex with him. If they are mated, he forces them to break their bond with their mate. He puts a spell on them so they know they are being repeated raped but their bodies are aroused and do whatever sexual act he asks them to do. Once he's finished, if he doesn't kill her, he passes her on to his soldiers to do whatever they like. Talk about some sick shit!

Shayla Black is a badass writer. If you haven't read her work, you are seriously missing out. I have enjoyed all three of her books. I still have to read the short story, Fated, which is FREE to download. The story takes place between book one and two. Her next book won't out until November 2010. (sigh) The plus side of that is that she'll be putting out back to back books. Book four in November and book five in December. Woohoo!

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