Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010, Here I come

Happy New Year to all my fellow book chicks. If you are drinking tonight, please pass your keys to your designated driver. When you wake up ALIVE tommorrow, you'll thank yourself! I'm not going out this year, there are too many crazies out tonight. I'll stay home and get shit faced with a never ending blender of margaritas. LOL! I don't drink often, but on holidays and special occasions I like to have a good time. I wanted egg nog but every store I went to was out. Oh well...

I've been telling myself that I will do better in 2010, so here are a few things I will be working on:

1. Saving more money-with me working two jobs, I should be able to do this. But, as
always, more money, more problems
2. Lose some weight-this may be a little hard to do since I love to stuff my face
3. Make more time for myself-I rarely ever just stop doing everything and relax
4. Learn how to focus on one day at a time-I've always had four to five things going
at one time. I can barely keep up with all my activities.
5. Find a good man(and stay away from scrubs)-I'm 32 but still looking for my Mr.
Right, getting a little tired of Mr. Right Now. I have so many issues with
scrubs, and speaking of scrubs, listen to these two throwbacks-No Scrubs and Guess What


2 Talk to me!:

Anonymous said...

Amen to no scrubs. I hope you find Mr. Right (and if he has a good-looking brother, send him my way :))

Happy blogging and reading in 2010!

Yvonne said...

Will do!