Friday, January 1, 2010

Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh

Three and 1/2 stars

Book Summary
Too weak to resist young Kelly Salyers's attempts at seduction. Rowdy Mackay left home eight years ago. Duty as a U.S. Marine put a safe distance between him and the temptation of the nubile Kentucky vixen. Now Rowdy's back home and ready to engage in the kind of erotic games that have earned him and his two cousins a Nauti-boy reputation.

Once it was Kelly's dream, too, to feel the heat of the boy she desired. But an attack from a stalker still on the prowl has left Kelly terrified of a man's touch. Now as fear and desire converge, Rodwdy fights to save her from the deadly threats of a stranger, to rid her of her demons and to satisfy a hunger more powerful than either can imagine.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I loved the romance between Rowdy and Kelly and was glad to finally see them together. It was nice to see a guy like Rowdy not take advantage of a young girl like so many other creeps would have. He came home to claim the girl he left behind only after she was old enough. And god did she have to be old enough to handle all his sexual drama.

On the other hand, I wasn't too comfortable with the "she's my stepsister, but I love her" situation. That fact had me thinking WTF! Okay, I like Lora Leigh, and this is the first in her Nauti Series, but do I need to keep reading? Of course I did, but wasn't very happy with all that I read.

I couldn't get with the fact that even though she saved herself for him only, after he hit it, he wanted to share her with his cousins. Who in the hell still does that? Guys do that sort of thing in high school. One would think that if you're pushing 30 or 40, you'd at least grow out of that. Me personally, of course I would have slept with Rowdy at least once (after his AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases tests), but when his cousins came sniffing around, I'd have to say "thanks, but no thanks". Who wants to be shared by the pimp, sorry, man you love?

The sick part of that is that Kelly was almost raped and is still being stalked by this wack job. One would think that Rowdy could get put his penis up for a minute and be a little more sensitive to her feelings. Nope, not going to happen. Not only did he let his cousins touch her, but someone licked her ass! Okay, that's enough. If this were erotic fiction or something, I'd be all for that, but we are talking about a girl who stayed a virgin for him, almost got raped, is being stalked and all her man can think about is if she'll let his cousins have sex with her?

The Mackay boys are jackasses. Not only do they want the entire town to think they are taking turns on Kelly to catch this guy, but they actually try to make it reality. Forget that Kelly is scared to death and really doesn't want to do it.

The only thing that saved this book for me was that Rowdy's dad (an even older whore) told him that if he wanted Kelly for himself, he'd better start acting like it. He realizes how much he loves her and seeing his cousins with her was not an option. His inner alpha male begins to surfaces and he takes her for his own. Wow, a drama filled journey, but a happy ending.

After thoughts, I do not want to read anymore books about stepsister and stepbrothers getting together and the family being okay with that. Talk about keeping it in the family...ick!

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