Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Moon Movie

Okay, I admit, I am still a Twilight fan and can't wait until this movie comes out. this new director is exactly what was needed to fix the mess Catherine Hardwick made with the first movie.

I've read all four books and can easily say that I will be forever TEAM EDWARD. Dakota Fanning is so right for the role of Jane (love her in anything). The actors for the wolf pack also look hot. Makes me want to be Team Jacob, just to be with them. Taylor Lautner is not bad to look at either but I feel such like a perv since he's still a minor. I still think that he should have been replaced because the muscle they made him put on still doesn't work. He'll always be Shark Boy to me (yep, that's him).

Anyway, I was seriously disappointed by the first movie and the acting skills of Kristin Stewart and Rob Pattinson. I can deal with RP because he's nice to look at but what the hell is up with his forever grunge look. Some guys can pull it off and make it look sexy as hell (Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp), but offset, he looks like he drank too much last night and didn't take a shower this morning. I understand that the hobo look is making a comeback but is the no shave, no bathe look too? I think not.

And please don't get me started on Kristin Stewart. I do still believe there was a better actress out there who could have played a decent Bella, KS was just not it. It just goes to show you that it's all about who you know in Hollywoood. And everyone talks about the chemistry they have. What chemistry? They are both awkward as hell. And speaking of chemistry, I am so sick of everyone talking about them being in love for real. I certainly hope NOT. He's the it shit in Hollywood hotness right now. Why the hell would he waste his time on that hot mess.

But, for all the acting experience KS has, acting is still not her thing, nor is fashion. WTF, why doesn't she have a stylist? She's like a little girl in her mom's closet trying on stuff that will never fit her. Enough about her, it's safe to say that I will never be a fan of her acting, she just happens to be in a movie that I'd like to watch. She should be Dakota's protege. DF is young but she's got her shit together.

New Moon was one of my least favorite in the Twilight saga because it portrayed Bella as a love sick FOOL. Oh..My..God.. I wanted to snatch her so bad and say, "bitch, shut the hell up, and pull yourself together!" They hadn't even had sex and she acted like she was dying or something. Aren't we all suppose to be about the Girl Power movement. I hated the way Bella acted, but I still didn't want her to be anything more than friends with Jacob. I could see that train wreck coming a mile away so I actually skipped over their summer fling and went straight to the good parts. The good parts of course being anything Edward. I really wanted to kick his ass for leaving her and leaving the door open for Jacob. But of course, without drama, there's no great romance.

I liked Jacob, but as her friend. I truly started to dislike him when he started thinking that he could compete with Edward. He started out as a nice and sweet guy but ended up being an arrogant asshole. How could a teenager (even though he was sickly muscle bound) think he could compete with a 100 year old year vampire? All vampires are super hot and sexy (except Bill's old ass from True Blood). Edward being inexperienced was lame and got on my last nerves. It was so annoying because all Bella wanted to do was rape him. I was all for the raping, but was sadly disappointed when they finally got around to it. I was expecting some mind blowing sex but got absolutely NOTHING. As obsessed with each other as they were, their first time was left up to our imagination. Shit!

Stephanie Meyers, I could just scratch your eyes out for that. The only thing that would make it better is for you to finish Midnight Sun, Edward's story. If you want our love again, this is it what you'll do for us. The story would have be a lot less whiny if it had been told from his point of view in the first place. Bella lead a boring life but Edward was a been there done that type of guy so the story would have been so much better.

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