Tuesday, April 20, 2010

J R Ward talks Love Mine and Black Dagger Brotherhood

Of course I am ubber and dubber excited that the countdown to Lover Mine is almost over (7 whole days and counting) and thanks to Smexy Books, Fiction Vixen, and a host of other blogger queens and their reviews, I am now frantic to get my hot little hands on this masterpiece. I have no shame when I say that I will be going by all bookstores daily in hopes that a sales person who does not know the seriousness of a BDB book, will put the books out early.  I am prepared to bribe any sales person to go ahead and ring me up.  I will kindly take my package,run for the nearest exit, knock down  anyone  in my way, race to my car, peel out of the parking lot with squealing tires, and break the law getting home. 

That's just me, but feel free to do your own thang.

Anyhoo, click HERE to see J R Ward talking about writing Lover Mine and The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Now, as long as I've been reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (and I've read them all), for some reason I've always thought that Xhex's name was pronouned "X".  The Warden refers to her as "Hex".  Wow.   Well, she'll always be "X" to me because that name fits her image, the baddest bitch.

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