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Spooktacular Halloween Bash Guest Post and Giveaway #6: Margie Church-Contest Closed

It's day six of my Spooktacular Halloween Bash.  Today I welcome author Margie Church to the blog with a sexy Halloween short story.


By Margie Church

I had to admit I was a little apprehensive about attending Wade Kairos' Halloween bash. He is, after all, a vampire and all his guests will either be vampires or some other sort of afterlife creature. While I put the finishing touches on my costume, I kept wondering whether I'll be on the menu or whether Wade and his pals would respect my position of authority in their lives. Being their creator has its privileges, right?

The big, brass door knocker fell with a sharp thunk. It struck me funny that I was probably one of the few guests who used the door. The rest of them floated, flew, teleported, slithered, or crawled in using much less traditional modes of transportation. Walking is so passé.

The door opened and Wade greeted me with a smile. "Margie! It's about time you got here. The party is in full swing."

I couldn't miss the way Wade's eyes swept from my head to my feet. I stepped across the threshold and accepted his friendly embrace. His long, caramel-colored hair tickled my cheek as he held me a just a tad longer than is customary for humans.

"Pull back the teeth, bite boy."

He gave me a salacious smile and a wink as he obeyed. "What's up with the costume? A nun? Seriously, Margie do you think dressing the part will make you one?"

I couldn't help feeling a bit defensive but a smirk crept onto my lips anyway. "I bet you didn't know I wanted to be a nun when I was a kid."

"I didn't and I'm surprised."

His gaze told me he had more on his mind. "What?"

He reached for my long, nun's veil. "Sweetheart, you're such a tease. What's under the long frock and veil?"

I did my best to keep his telepathic mind from digging around in mine, but I was no match for this charming vampire.

An appreciate glimmer appeared in his eyes "I like the way you think."

"That's telepathic trespassing. What I'm wearing under my Halloween getup is my business and you need to stay out of my head."

He oozed charm. "Mission accomplished."

Wade offered me a seat on the couch next to him. The room was filled with were, vamps, shape shifters and, I assumed, a couple dozen humans. "I'd need therapy if I came to one of these parties on purpose."

"It was your idea, and what the hell, Halloween is all about masks. You humans put them on tonight; we're taking them off."

His mischievous eyebrow wiggle made me worry about what "taking things off" might mean. I changed the subject. "Look, here comes Dirk."

The tall, dark skinned man was an impressive sight. He worked his way through the crowd, smiling and embracing guests while walking in our direction. He wore his customary black leather pants and vest. Heavy, laced, black boots looked to be perfect for kicking the shit out of anything or anyone in his way. He carried a single tail whip in his left hand.

Without taking my eyes off the weapon Dirk carried, I asked Wade in a quiet voice, "Does he have to bring that wherever he goes?"

"Doms do that."

Dirk stood in front of me with a confident grin on his face.

I didn't repress my smile. "It's good to see you, Dirk. You look like you're having a spectacular 

He reached for my hand and pulled me into his embrace. His well-muscled chest was bare under his vest and difficult to ignore, even stone-cold sober. He whispered into my ear, sending shivers through me. "Baby, you give me such a bad name coming in here dressed like that."

I felt a blush cover my face. I cleared my throat and hoped my voice didn't squeak. "You have something against nuns?"

"It's bad enough you have a religious last name, but this getup . . . ."

"Put me down."

"I kind of like you this way, under my control. When are you going to be my sub? I've been waiting two books worth. Will it happen in book three?"

His light beard scratched my cheek as he spoke. Master Prophet Dirk was pulling out all the stops. "I'm afraid of whips." That time my voice squeaked.

"Baby, I'd never leave a mark on you."

"Hey Dirk," Wade said. "Ask Churchy what she's got on under her nun's costume."

Before I could say, "Shut your trap, Wade," Dirk broke into a deep laugh.

"You know, Dirk, hanging out with the likes of all of you has made me a little wary. I think this costume is just what I need to keep me from becoming one of you."

"Making you one of us would spoil the fun, but in the meantime, I think fun is exactly what we should have. Wouldn't you agree, Wade?"

I was starting to feel like the main entrée.

Dirk set his whip on the floor and put his booted toe over the leather handle.

I watched him, wondering what his plans were and didn't have to wait long to learn.

He reached out with both hands and ripped my nun costume open.

Wade let out an appreciative whistle. "Just what order of nuns are you with?"

"Mail order." I said. "Are you two done playing games now?" Wade's breath fell on my neck and shoulder. Inches separated our bodies and suddenly I could not draw a breath.

"I prefer this costume any day," he said.

Glancing at Dirk, I asked, "And you?"

"You know how I feel about black leather."

Margie Church has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer and editor for over 25 years. She works as a copywriter and editor for a small direct marketing firm specializing in the credit union market and freelances feature articles for business-to-business magazines.
Margie lives in Minnesota and is married and has two children. Vegetable and flower gardening, biking, walking her dog, listening to music, and making people laugh are some of her passions.  Visit Margie's website

Contest Alert!! 
Meet vampire Wade Kairos, in Love Bites and get to know the handiwork of Master Prophet Dirk in Dangerous Love. One lucky winner will win both books from Margie Church. 

Contest ends Nov 2.  Winner will be randomly selected, emailed and will have three days to respond before another winner is picked.  

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Spook you tomorrow when Jodi Langston guest blogs and has a chance to win ebooks of Always and Nature Of The Beast.

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Margie Church said...

Booo! Darn, I got hung up in Halloween traffic. There were more cars on the road than I could shake a broom at!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves at Diva's and I look forward to reading about your favorite vampire!

Judy said...

I love vampire books of all kinds. My favorite is still Lestat from Anne Rice's series. I started reading vampire books when she was writing her books and I have enjoyed Lestat and Louie and the others ever since.

Your books look very good. I will have to try them.

Margie Church said...

Hi Judy! I'm a Mick and Moonlight vampire lover - hot, sexy, romantic....I bet you'd like Wade in Love Bites. Diva has reviewed the book - you can learn what Diva thinks! She knows what she's talking about! ;-)

Yvonne said...

My favorite vamp is still Angel from the Buffy series. He's the reason that I started liking vampires and started reading vamp novels.

*yadkny* said...

Hi Margie!
Seen the interview from your website too:) Love the covers! My favorite vampire is Bones from the Nigh Huntress series books by Jeaniene Frost. I just love his accent and all the witty banter between him and Cat.

*Blog Follower thru GFC

Jolene and Family said...

That's easy, my favorite Vampire is Eric Northman. He's all bad boy, don't touch me, kind of aloof, kind of a loner. Don't mess with Eric or he'll bite you, or maybe just bite you for the hell of it and make you like it :) We get to see an internal stuggle with him. He's been a vampire for over a thousand years and just when you think he's lost all humanity he shows you a small glimpse into the inner Eric. I love those small glimpses, makes him even more sexy :)

Margie Church said...

Thanks YADKNY for following me over here! Hugs!

Looks like we have a good mix of "traditional" vamp lovers and more modern perspectives.

Jolene, Wade is exactly your favorite kind of vampire.

Judy - Love Bites and Dangerous Love are erotic love stories. They are not predictable in any way - even the way the love story goes. I have yet to find somebody who knew how Love Bites would end. And Wade's thudworthy. Dangerous Love opens up all kinds of drama right from the first page. They are thrillers to be sure.

latishajean said...

These books sound so good I love vampire books my favorite. It is so hard to pick one I like alot but ,I will pick zsadist from BDB by J.R Ward I love them all. I love their story and always finding myself wanting more.Great giveaway thank you so much.