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Spooktacular Halloween Bash Guest Post and Giveaway #5: Eve Langlais-Contest Closed

It's day five of my Spooktacular Halloween Bash.  Today I welcome Eve Langlais to the blog with a short story just for you!

Well folks, I couldn’t come up with a subject for a blog, so instead I created a short Halloween treat. Enjoy!

“There’s nothing to be scared of.” I said the words aloud as my psychiatrist suggested, but they didn’t make me feel any braver.

How pathetic am I? Almost thirty and still scared of the dark. It’s why I began seeing a shrink. I hated how my fear ruled me, especially when my live in boyfriend had to work out of town.
Tonight was the big test though. The moment of truth where I would discover if my hundreds of dollars spent on therapy was worth the tightening of my financial belt.

And my doctor, sadistic bastard, had chosen the worst of nights to test me. ‘A true measure’ he said of my progress. So here I was, alone on Halloween just after eleven pm, steeling myself to brave the night and the bogey man that no amount of therapy could convince me didn’t live under my bed.

I readied myself by brushing my teeth vigorously. I combed my hair a hundred  strokes.  I scrubbed my face clean. I delayed as long as I could, but I could hear the phantom voices of my parents in my head screaming, “Stop screwing around and get to bed”.  They’d never understood my terror. They’d even laughed when they took my night light away and told me to stop being such a baby. It was a good thing I had a flashlight as backup for those terrifying times.

I walked with heavy feet to the gaping bathroom door. From the light projecting past my body into the bedroom, I could see my innocuous room. The walls painted a light mauve with white scalloped curtains. The bed against my wishes—my damned boyfriend scoffing at my phobia—sat inches above the floor, the gap covered by a skirt. But even hidden, I knew it was there, that space where the bogey man hid.

I repeated my mantra. “There’s nothing to be scared of. “ I looked down at my pale toes peeking out from beneath my nightgown and wiggled them. How many will I have left if they’re wrong I wonder?

No matter what my parents, my shrink and even my boyfriend said, I knew about the monsters under the bed. Everyone knew they existed even if they pretended otherwise. I learned at a young age there were ways of keeping them away-nightlights, sharing a room, for others passing into adulthood, and the best recourse--avoid having any space underneath the bed.

Silly childhood fantasies or nightmares.   I am a grown woman now and there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

I flicked off the bathroom light and plunged the room into darkness. My heart sped up. Nothing to fear. I took a tentative step forward, ready to scream at the first scaly touch.
But nothing happened. I slid my other foot forward, the dim glow from the streets lights outside giving me just enough illumination to see the large bed looming a few feet away.

I wanted to run and leap into the safety of my covers. I wanted to race back to the bathroom and turn on the light, dispelling the shadows.

I did neither. With measured steps, I approached my bed until I stood about a foot away from the skirt that hid the gap under the bed that I feared so much.

“There’s nothing there,” I said aloud taking that last step.

“Oh yes there is,” said a gravelly voice as a pair of cold hands grabbed my ankles and yanked.

My ass hit the floor hard cutting off my scream before it could break glass with its shrill terror. The iron grip on my ankles pulled me into the maw under my bed and I scrambled frantically, my hands looking for purchase but finding nothing on the smooth hardwood floors.

Before I could take a deep breath and cry to the world how wrong they all were, I was yanked down a cold hole and mercifully passed out.

Eventually I woke up, still in the dark and shivering from cold and fear.  I heard the rustling of someone—probably a big nasty something given my location--and peered wildly at the black space that hid from view the bogey man who’d abducted me.

“Welcome to your new home,” said the same voice as before, it’s cool breath whispering on my neck.   I shivered, my fear choking me.  With a ripping sound, my nightgown was torn from my body and I finally managed a small scream which made the monster chuckle.

“I’ve waited a long time for you,” he said as his cold hands lightly brushed against my skin. I trembled again, but this time not just in fear. To my incredulity, my body responded to his touch and heat pooled in my lower tummy. This can’t be t happening...

A smooth, hairless form pressed itself against mine, a very male body that nudged at the apex of my thighs as big hands cupped and kneaded my shivering body. I felt the hard ridge of his muscles as he wrapped his body around me and his smell was like a cold winter breeze, refreshing and crisp.  

My mortification and terror grew as my body responded to the bogey mans’ touch.  And when his lips touched mine, I melted.  I sighed in the darkness, as he took my fears and dispersed them with his touch. I forgot my boyfriend and my phobia as his magical arousing embrace took me to rapturous heights—the pleasure was unbelievable.

When the thudding of my heart returned to normal and my body lay, spooned against his in sated relaxation, he snapped his fingers.  Hundreds of candles suddenly lit with a whoosh and my eyes blinked against the sudden brightness. Eventually the spots before my eyes dissipated, but how I wished the darkness had remained, for when I saw the creature that’d made my body sing with such delight, I screamed and screamed.  My hysterical cries echoing around the vast chamber until I passed out.


Happy Halloween folks and tonight when you turn out the lights be sure to make a running leap to the safety of your covers, lest you too be abducted and pleasured by the bogey man under your bed.

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Contest Alert!!
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Good luck!!

Spook you tommorrow, when author Margie Church guest blogs with another short story and a chance to win ebooks of her Dangerous Love series.

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*yadkny* said...

Hi Eve!
Thanks for the Halloween treat... just what I needed for a Thursday, but I gotta know what happens next! Sounds like this bogey man looks gross, but maybe if we just keep the lights off...

The movie that scares me the most is probably Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

*Blog Follower thru GFC

Jolene and Family said...

Movies that scare the crap out of me, let's see, that would be all scary movies LOL Paranormal activity freaked me out as do all the Saw movies

follow your blog

Lucy Beugeling-Ramos said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Chuckie scares the daylights out of me. Horror movies always scare me. I almost never watch them.

Judy said...

"IT" was really scarry, also "The Shining" was really eerie!! Thanks for the short story!!!

I am a follower-GFC-Judy


Lucy Beugeling-Ramos said...

Chuckie, the little demon doll, scares the daylights out of me, lol.
I don't like that kind of movies.

Please enter me in the contest and thanks for the giveaway.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...


Anonymous said...

i think i will have to say halloween... the thought of my brother being a killer is crazy and he never dies. scary!!

Unknown said...

LOL love the answers. I always found when A Stranger Calls scared me the most as I saw it when I started babysitting.
Eve :)