Monday, November 22, 2010

Naughty Novella: Heartkeeper by Christine M. Taylor

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Published:  September 2010

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Format I Read:  ebook

Pages:  84 (Nook pages)

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Book Summary
. . . Beyond time, and death, and hope have I loved you . . .

So writes a soldier of the Nameless Guard, a halfblood who serves the vampire nobility. He is the son of two warring worlds-- half-vampire, half-werewolf-- an immortal outcast. As a vampire, he is a true immortal, but as a werewolf, he loves only once: instantly and forever. But the one who holds his heart is Ravienne Nightborn, heiress to the vampire throne.

Bound to her for all time by a despairing love he can neither deny nor escape, he writes the words he cannot speak.

This is his love letter.

My Thoughts
When a nameless guard to the vampire princess, Ravienne meets her for the first time, he knows that their lives will forever be entwined. Since he is considered an abomination, half wolf and half vampire, he knows that he will never be able to express his feeling towards her. Desperate for any kind of contact with her, he develops a special bond with her in his wolf form, and is able to share snippets of her life.

Heartkeeper is wonderful love story that reads like an open letter to the love of one man’s life. I was instantly drawn into the story. The no name solider was so in love with the vampire princess and knew that he would never get a real chance to be with her. He still watched and protected her from afar and was eager to take whatever attention he could get from her. He goes through pain and humiliation just to be close to her. When he is granted the opportunity to compete to become her Heartkeeper, he throws caution to the wind and sacrifices everything to win the woman he feels he is destined to be with.

Although the story was short, it was well written and the plot was easy to follow. The soldier’s feelings towards the princess made me root for him and want to see him win the princess’s heart.

The princess comes across as cold and uncaring because of the life she is accustomed to. But once she realizes the soldier’s intent, her heart is forever changed.

My  Rating
I give Heartkeeper four flowers of love.  Yes I am a sucker for a fool in love. I actually cried while reading this as novella. Very good read.


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