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Review: Bloodsworn: Bound By Magic by Kathy Lane

Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Published: September 2010

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Author Website:

Format I Read:  ebook

Pages:  380 (Nook pages)

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Book Summary
Worlds collide when a man of magic is forced to take a woman of science as his bride. Powerful Bloodsworn, Devlin Kel-Tragar, is sent to Earth to claim his prophecy bride, a task he has no heart for until he learns that research chemist, Avera St. John, is also his Starmate, the one woman in the universe born just for him. Now he'll do anything to claim her. But will his slow seduction of his lady mate give his enemy time to take away the one thing Devlin can't afford to lose?

Avera is drawn to her new neighbor, Devlin Kel, despite the mystery she senses surrounding him. A mystery that blows her safe little scientific world wide open when strange men with swords try to kill her and Devlin shows up and blasts them with magic. Real, honest-to-goodness magic! Her world is suddenly changed forever, and Avera must decide if she is able to accept those changes along with the man responsible.

My Thoughts
Devlin is a powerful magic wielder sent to Earth to claim his future bride, Avera.   Since Avera doesn’t know that magic exists and he’s pretty sure that she’s going to think he’s crazy, he plans to woo her before revealing his plans for their future. When his enemies try to keep Devlin from claiming her, time has run out and he has no choice but to reveal himself and hope that Avera can forgive him for deceiving her.

Bound By Magic is a unique story. The story started out slow, but developed into a fast paced read. At first, the story didn’t draw me in, but as I kept reading, I began to enjoy the tale that Kathy Lane wove.

Avera St John has a lot of things to deal with in her life. She recently survived a vicious attack on her life, her father has gone missing, and now she realizes that she hates her job. What more could life throw at her?

When she first meets Devlin, her sexy new neighbor, her first impression is stranger danger, but later she realizes that she’s drawn to him and can’t figure out why. When she starts receiving strange gifts, she decides that now is not the time to start a new romance.
Kathy Lane did a wonderful job on this book. I enjoyed the world building that took place and loved the characters that were introduced. The plot was also new and fresh. I haven’t read a lot of books that dealt with magical beings without shape shifters, so this was a nice change of pace.

The slow romance between Avera and Devlin was just right and didn’t feel forced. I liked that Devlin gave Avera time and patience to accept him and what her position with him would entail. I also liked that Avera was given her own identity and that she did not have to rely on her ties to Devlin to be a force to be reckoned with.

My  Rating
I give Bound By Magic four flowers of love.  


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