Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Absolute Joys Of Busted Laptops And BS Customer Service

I will not be updating my blog as often as I used to because my laptop is being crappy. My son has a desktop that I will be using from time to time, but since he looks at me crazy when I get on it, I don't think it will be that often.

For some reason, my laptop has decided that it just doesn't want to work anymore.  I haven't dropped it or spilled anything on or in it (that I know of).   About a month ago, I noticed that the metal thingy inside the laptop (where you plug it in) was missing.  I freaked but it continued to charge so I didn't worry about it. Now look at what I'm dealing with.

I purchased it from  Office Depot in late January so it's not even a year old yet.  I also shelled out the bucks to buy the protection plan.  My first thought was take it to them, but when I did, they pointed out that my protection plan with them starts after the manufacturer's warranty is over which will be in January so they referred me to HP. 

Okay, fine.  So then I called HP and had a very unpleasant conversation with a foreign tech that I could barely understand.  When I convinced him to talk slower so I could catch bits and pieces of the conversation, I did not like the solution he offered.

His BS solution was for him to assist me as I go inside the laptop to see what was wrong.  Uh, no.  So when I explained to him that I did not feel comfortable doing that, he  started getting loud and started talking over me.  At this point, all nice conversation ceased.  He wouldn't transfer me to another CSR, nor would he let me talk to his supervisor.  Apparently, he loves to hear himself talk even though nothing he said was remotely helpful yet he continued to blabber on.   I ended up hanging up on him because I was at the point where I wanted to call him everything but a child of God.

Now that I am calm, I will be checking into other ways to getting through to a helpful CSR that can suggest something other than me operating on my laptop.  I really just want to send it in and let them do what they do; In the end, I might have to pay the geek squad to get some results.  I do know that HP tech support is on my shit list and I'll never buy another laptop from them. 

So, that's why there has been no Sexy Saturday today.  I apologize for having no hotness today.  I've got my son's computer set up so he can't download a thing, so I won't either.  But if anyone knows anything that would help me with my laptop situation, please share.  Until then, I'll miss everyone!!

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