Monday, November 26, 2012

Excuse Me While I Catch Up On My Twilight Saga....

Not long ago, and like everyone else, I was in love with the Twilight series.  I'm thinking that this ramped up my obsession with vampires (along with my Angel reruns-can't forget my first vampire luv).

I was introduced to the series via the movie.  I had never heard of the books, but once I saw the movie, I immediately went out and copped all four. Loved Edward in the movie, but hated Bella and Kristin Stewart for her weak acting skills.  BTW-I love learning about a series once it is complete so I read it back to back rather than waiting in agony for the next installment.

Anyhoo, back to hating Bella and loving Edward.  After reading the first book and comparing it to the movie, I was upset that it looked low budget cause it had soo much potential.  Why couldn't it have been directed by whoever did those Underworld movies?  Thankfully they dismissed the chick that directed the first movie and came up with each new installment.

New Moon was better, but not a lot.  Eclipse was better and got me on the band wagon again.  I didn't go to the movie to see the first three movies, I waited to they were on DVD-and then I borrowed rather than buy.  Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, different story.  I didn't go to the movies to see 1 nor will I go for 2, but both are bookshelf worthy and deserve some of my $$$.  I already have 1 and look forward to getting two.

Now if we could just get Stephanie Meyers to finish Midnight Sun, that book in Edward's point of view.  From what I read, I think it would be a best seller because I liked it much more than I liked in from Bella POV.  It was less whiny and probably would be more action packed.

I also wouldn't mind an update on Jake (who I am not fond of-Team Edward!!!) and Renesmee.  I think that would make a hot romance novel...but it probably needs to be written by someone who isn't afraid to detail the hot smuttiness of vampire and werewolf love.

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Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I'm team Jacob :) I would like Ms. Meyer to finish the book from Edward's point of view as well. Like you I enjoyed his point of view much better. I read that excerpt such a long time ago. It seems like she won't ever complete it.