Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost


Book Summary
Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father-the one responsible for ruining her mother's life. Then she's captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership.

In exchange for finding her father, Cat agrees to train with the sexy night stalker until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. She's amazed she doesn't end up as his dinner-are there actually good vampires? Pretty soon Bones will have her convinced that being half dead doesn't have to be all bad. But before she can enjoy her new found status as kick-ass demon hunter, Cat and Bones are pursued by a group of killers. Now Cat will have to choose a side...and Bones is turning out to be as tempting as any man with a heartbeat.

Wow! Jeaniene Frost is now one of my fav authors. I didn't think much of this book at first. I bought it, read a few pages, and put it on the shelf for about two weeks. I tend to do this if a book doesn't catch my attention during the first few pages. Once I did pick it back up, I found that even thought it appeared to be a slow read, it turned out to be a great book. Bones and Cat's relationship did make me think of the Buffy and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I loved the chemistry between the two and couldn't wait for him them to finally get together. Bones' British background did annoy me at first but his fun loving personality makes up for it. The only thing I didn't like about the book was Cat's mom and her BS attitude. Her mom was date raped by a vampire and made Cat suffer the consequences for that all her life. Cat was ashamed of herself and her background until she met and fell in love with Bones. I literally wanted to kill her mom myself because it was clear that she was never going to accept the one relationship that made her daughter happy.

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Nat said...

I really enjoy this series too! I've read the first three and am saving the fourth for a book emergency. I love the pacing!