Monday, August 31, 2009

True Blood Episode 11

The writers are fantastic! I just finished watching "Frenzy" and could not stop laughing. This show truly gets better with each episode. My favorite lines are always from bubble head Jason Stackhouse. He tells Sam and Andy that in order to save the town, you'll have to destroy it. He says that's from the Bible...or the Constitution.

I also enjoyed the scenes with Sophia Anne, the LA vampire queen. REW was a great choice for the role because she really brings this character to life. She wears the title Queen Bitch really well. I just hope her storyline is expanded a little because it will bring more drama to the Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle. I can't wait until it gets really messy.

I really didn't like the actor that plays Eric, to me he didn't fit the part. In season one, he looked lanky, not sexy. I'm not sure what they have done, but AS is popping sexy and making us forget any descriptions that Ms. Harris gave us in the books.

Bill is still a pasty old hot mess. SM is still not a good choice for the role. If they seriously wanted people to fall in love with him, they should have gotten someone like Johnny Depp. JD has had the dark and dangerous look down pat for years and gets better with time. SM does not and will not.

Can't wait for the season finale-wait, yes I can. There is only one more episode left and if I'm not mistaken, it won't be this Sunday, but in two weeks. Why oh why do they make us wait? Then we'll have to wait until Summer 2010 to find out what happens. Life is so unfair...

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