Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood Episode 9

OMG! If you have never seen this show, you are seriously missing out on some good entertainment. True Blood is way better than the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Don't get me wrong, I love Charlaine Harris and all the books, but Alan Ball is taking Sookie to a whole new high.
Last night, in episode 9, one of the Fellowship of the Sun soldier blows up Godric's house. Surprisingly only minor characters are killed but others are hurt. Bill finds Eric lying on top of Sookie shielding her from being hit by flying metal. Bill, being the dumb ass that he is, leaves Sookie alone with Eric to go after soldiers that are fleeing the scene. I see two things wrong with that. One, he doesn't think enough of his girlfriend to stay and comfort her through this terrifying ordeal. Two, he knows that Eric wants Sookie and will do whatever necessary to get her but he's leaving her alone with him and they are both bleeding. On that note, Eric tricks Sookie into literally sucking on his wounds. He tells her he's dying so she does it. Bill catches her and is pissed but Eric is smiling. By doing this, Sookie swallows his blood and has forms their famous blood bond. Now, anyone who is up on vampires knows that if a vampire forms a blood bond with a human, that human is pretty much screwed. Eric can now tell sense her emotions and tell where she is at all times. The Sookie/Eric saga has just begun and anyone who has read the books knows that the best is yet to come.
Godric, who is Eric's maker, has decided that he will meet the sun no matter how Eric feels about it. He's a two thousand year old vampire and says that now he knows that it is wrong for vampires to exist and is not afraid to end it. He's been alive to long and just wants to end it all. Eric begs him not to and even kneels at his feet and cries like a baby. Eric tells Godric that he will either die with him or keep him alive against his will. As his maker, Godric commands Eric to leave him to his destiny. Sookie decides that she wants to be there with Godric so he doesn't have to be alone. He asks her to take care of Eric. She says that she doesn't know about that because she's with Bill, but we all know how that's gonna play out.
In the meantime, Mary Anne is wrecking havoc on Bon Temps. She's still after Sam, running Tara and Eggs relationship, and taking over Sookie's house with wild orgies. I am still mad as hell that Tara's ass had no where to live and Sookie invited her into her home and she in turn let Mary Anne take over the house and have wild parties there? WTH? This is why hot mess friends and relatives should not be allowed to stay with you, especially when you're out of town. Sookie should kick her ass to the curb when she gets home. Tara has been a loud mouth hot mess since day one. Lafayette, her cousin, is also a hot mess but after his little scare with Eric, he's trying to get his shit together. He even told Tara that he didn't have the energy to deal with her mess. Despite that, Lafayette and Tara's mom Lettie Mae go over to Sookie's house and drag Tara out. We'll see how this plays out.
Anyway, there are only three more episodes in season 2. These last three are gonna be super good. Lorena's gotta come back to kidnap Bill so Sookie can rescue him. Eric gets to get closer to Sookie in Bill's absence and we meet the Queen of Louisiana. I can't wait...

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