Friday, April 23, 2010

Twilight Graphic Novel

Speaking of The Twilight Saga, I saw the Twilight Graphic Novel in Wal-Mart yesterday.  I almost bought it.  Even though I have read the original story about a dozen times, I just wanted the graphic for my collection.  I did flip through it and liked the graphics, but when I realized that it didn't include the entire story and that I'd have to purchase the second graphic, I put it back.  You money whores!  Why can't it all go in one book?  Gawd, what if I wanted the Breaking Dawn graphic novel?  Would I be buying four graphics to make up that one book?  I digress.

Dueces from the Diva

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Book Sake said...

We read the graphic novel and were disappointed in it. Borrow it from the library instead of spending money on it.
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Anonymous said...

LoL, that's ridiculous! Why on earth can't they put it all in one book :o Who the heck wants half a story?!