Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WTF Moment...Damn You, Stephanie Meyer

Okay, I just got this email from The Twilight Saga website...

Coming June 5, 2010
An Unforgettable New Novella from International Phenomenon
Stephenie Meyer

There are Two Sides to Every Story

So, I'm like, oh yeah!  It's about time Stephanie Meyers gets to the unfinished Midnight Sun.  Okay, so I'm barely reading the message, just skimming through it looking for anything remotely related to Edward or Bella.  I come up with nothing, so I go back to the top of the email, and I read.  WTF?  Who in the hell in Bree Tanner?  From Eclipse, are you sure?  If i can't remember her, she must not have been that important, and I certainly don't want to read more about her.

Okay, now I'm pissed.  Love me some Stephanie Meyer, but why the hell won't she finish Midnight Sun?  She's writing all this other BS when she should be given us Twilight junkies the fix that we need...more Edward! 

Anyhoo, for those of you interested, the title is The Short Second Life of Bree Turner.  It will be a novella and a dollar from each sale will go to the Red Cross to help with relief in Haiti and other countries in need. It will release right before the Eclipse movie comes out.  Now how convenient is that?  Instant sales, huh?

The novella is suppose to happen right before Eclipse takes place or coincide with it. It's about the newborn army that Victoria makes in hopes of finally getting rid of the whiny Bella.  Bree is the vampire that the Cullens capture at the end of the battle.  Carlisle wants to keep her and teach her (like she's a pet or something, LOL) , but the Volturi has other plans. Remember, the preview of Dakota Fanning in Eclipse when she says "The Volturi don't give second chances"  Then they execute her.

 Most likely it's not going to be directly related to Edward and the gang.  Seems like it'll be something that happened behind the scenes, so I don't think it will make me a hill of beans if I read it or not. No Edward, no read.

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Anonymous said...

LOL I have to totally agree with you ... here I thought I was a person who couldn't give a damn about this novella! I was like, what, I don't want to read a story about some random barely-there character from Eclipse ... who cares about Bree Tanner's short second life, lol?! I mean, what's she going to do, get vamped, hang around with Victoria, then go on a rampage in the forest and die ... fun.